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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Silver New Year's Eve 2010

As I began to gather things for our New Year's Eve table for 2011, I realized that I wanted to re-create the table that I did last year.  Sooooo.......I'm reposting that blog rather than photographing everything again.  Our meal will be different this year, but I'm pretty sure that things will look the same.  Wishing you a wonderful 2012!!!!!!!!!
After doing most of the prep work for dinner, I decided to try photographing the dining room table in the strong late afternoon light.  I really didn't think I would like the shots, but some of them were very pretty.  This one gives you a view of the table and I particularly like the reflection of the nadina berries in the salad plate.  I put the place settings all at one end of the table, as there were only three of us and I wanted it to be intimate.  We are stay-at-homers on New Year's Eve.  All we need is a nice, quiet dinner and then we watch the neighbor's fireworks and call it a night!

I've used this cloth the last two years as my New Year's Eve choice.  It is an organza overlay with a white hotel linen cloth under it.  It's almost ethereal in it's silver and white lightness.

Here's a close-up of the detail that became the theme for the table.

Here's how I used Dollar Store glittered snowflakes to echo the detail.

I used the two different sizes for the Waterford water goblet and white wine.  I also found silver snowflake place card holders at Kohl's last year.  This place was for our honored guest, "The Queen", aka, my sweet mother.  She is spending a couple of months with us to escape the cold up north.  (Funny, on the day she arrived, we had snow!!!)  She is responsible for my obsession with love of dishes and I'll have a partner in crime for a couple of months!

Here is my choice of dishes for the evening.

The silver leaf charger is from Pier One, many years ago.  The dinner plate is made by Gibson.  I bought the 20-pc. set for about $30 or $40 several years ago.  It isn't fine china by a long shot, but it gives a good look for the price.  I never worry about breakage, because you never break the icky stuff, just the precious, irreplaceable items.  The silver salad plate came from Kroger this year.  Who knew?  Kroger!!!  The flatware is my favorite collection of mis-matched silverplate.  I just buy pieces I love and only try to have a common shape to the handles.  In this case, I look for a keystone shape and it is very easy to find.

Last year, I found these dessert plates at Target and they looked great again.

If you've ever been at Homegoods and seen this Palm Restaurant line of linens, BUY it!  It launders great!  Here, I tied it with wired silver organdy ribbon and slipped a silver noise maker into the band.

Each placesetting had a silver bud vase filled with a Casa Blanca lilly and red nandina berries.  The berries were the only color on the table and I loved it like that.  The faux mercury glass votives came from Michael's last year and I put one of these at each place as well.

I was ready to put the rest of my Christmas decor away last week, but I hadn't tired of this vignette yet.  It's a mixture of vintage and new items on a heavy silver tray.  (Since the tray is sort of tarnished, I'll pretend I was going with the Shabby Chic look.)  It made a great centerpiece, even though I turned it sideways to cozy up the end of the table.  This was the side we saw as we were seated.....

And this was the "back" side of it.

This guy was on my breakfast table, all in white, for the "Ski and Snowshoe" table I did last week.  You can see it here. It's just some greens and berries added to a white serving tray with mica snow.

Here's the rest of the bunch of lillies on a chest in the dining room.  I usually dislike strongly scented flowers in the dining room, or on the table during dinner, but I make an exception for lillies or peonies!

Then, as darkness fell......

We sat down and brought in the new year.

Here's a peek at our salad course.  It is a roasted pear salad with cranberries, almonds and Saga bleu cheese.  After this course, I forgot all about pictures, as we were enjoying ourselves so much.  Trust me, my mom and I outdid ourselves and the dinner was great!  The menu is at the end of the post.

My wish for all of you is to experience the good fortune I felt that night.  I was in a beautiful home with two of the most important people in my whole life, enjoying a good meal and their unending love.  May you share these blessings as well.  Happy New Year!

Dr. Pete's Praline sauce
over block of Cream Cheese
Assorted Crackers

Roasted Pear Salad with
Saga Bleu Cheese

Jalepeno Cheese Grits
Grouper with Crab Stuffing
Dill Sauce

Pecan Pie

Note:  As I read this menu, it sure sounds heavy on the CHEESE!!!!  Didn't notice it at the time!

I am posting this at Between Naps on the Porch on Tablescape Thursday and the recipe for the salad on Gollum's Foodie Friday.  Both of these special blogs are a wealth of inspiration.

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  1. All this looks so festive...just love your snowflakes...everything looks perfect.
    New Year's Blessings

  2. I love your table. The vignette is so creative and filled with things I love. The tableclothe is gorgeous. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  3. That table is stunning! The snowflakes from the dollar store are perfect for "coasters".
    How brilliant to leave out your vintage wintery vignette. I love it. I'd leave it out all winter!
    Come link this to All Things Inspired! I know everyone would love to see all the ideas...and the menu made me hungry! One can never have too much cheese!

  4. Beautiful table and meal! Looks like you all had a lovely celebration.
    Your winter vignettes are also a delight. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am in love with your tablecloth! What great ideas using the snowflakes under the Crystal! The place card holder!! Love it, and you have snowflakes on your China! Just beautiful!

  6. Stunning table! I love your snowflake coasters. Very creative!

  7. The table is gorgeous! I had something like this in mind for a Christmas table, but never did it. This goes beyond what I had in mind. Love the snowflake coasters and the ribbon napkin rings. I didn't do it cause I have the same gibson dishes but in gold. I wish that I had gotten the silver now. The menu also sounds scrumptious. I will have to look for the salad on Michael Lee's site on friday.

  8. Wow, I have the same snowflake tablecloth!! it's great. I also love those mirrored salad plates. Honestly they are splendid. Your table is quite lovely, as is the menu!!!

  9. What fun you must have had putting together this gorgeous table. I love the silver and white. Your dishes are really, really pretty. Still not sure which came from Kroegers! :) They are all pretty. Love your gorgeous, heavy silver tray and it's little snowy setting. I'm with you...enjoy it awhile longer! The menu is really great too!


  10. Hey, Linda! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier!!! OK, here's the deal...first, I am NOT splitting my inheritance with you...even if we WERE separated at birth which I'm more convinced now than ever that we were!!! :-) Wow! Right down to the color scheme, mercury glass votive cups, the white napkins, the noisemakers, and that great oval melon tray!!! I have one EXACTLY like it that I love and cherish!!! LOVE what you did with it! I sure wish we lived closer, too. We'd be unstoppable!!! (We'd also be broke from going out shopping together all the time! :-) ) Have a great week! Talk to you soon!!!

  11. Sounds delicious! What a wonderful night you must have had! The table setting is lovely, I especially love that tablecloth and those cute little silver snowflakes. You guys brought the New Year in with style!

  12. Your table is so pretty! I love your silver tray, that is just gorgeous! Happy New Year to you!

  13. Beautiful the centerpiece.
    Happy New Year!

  14. What a beautiful table. The pop of color with the florals is just fantastic and so wintery. I adore the darling sparkly snowflakes that you used so creatively. I think I could have eaten just the salad. That blue cheese looks incredible.

  15. Fantastic setting! I can't choose a fave in here. I drool to each and every lil treasure you have §;-)

    Happy TS...

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

  16. What a gorgeous post. Everything is just lovely.

  17. Oh everything looks so beautiful -- the settings and the centerpiece. Love all the sparkle. Have a wonderful time with your partner in crime -- we'll enjoy what you find! Dinner sounds yummy!

  18. Everything looks so beautiful! I love all the silver.

  19. I love your snowflake theme. We had snowflake stocking holder at our house this year.

  20. A perfect setting for a wintery New Year's the spot of color with the orange berries too.

  21. Love silver, actually more than gold! I celebrate New Years eve with the Dutch tradtion, and maybe I'll post it some time (year). Have a great 2012!

  22. lovely lovely rooms! and the mismatched silver is brilliant. thanks for the inspiration.

  23. wow! that's a gorgeous table you set there! and the menu looks sumptuous...what time did you say we were to show up!? heehee... Happy New Year!

  24. What makes your tablescapes so special is your attention to each gorgeous detail!

    I don't think a menu can ever be too heavy on the cheese - ha! Yours sounds delicious!

    Thanks for a lovely holiday share.

    Sending you warm wishes for a 2012 filled with creativity, joy and many lovely times!


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