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Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Calling all blogging travelers!!!

Help!  Mr. Pressed Pants and I are thinking about spending a long weekend in Birmingham, Alabama.  He has a long weekend off for Veteran's Day and we want to get away, but go somewhere close by.  Can anyone give me any advice about Birmingham?  Hotel?  Dining?  SHOPPING????????

We went to Birmingham once to see Pavarotti, and stayed at the Tutweiller Hotel.  When I checked it out on line, I see that it is now a Hampton Inn.  What's up with that?

I remember that shopping and dining in the Mountainbrook area was great.  Is there a place there to stay?  What restaurants would you recommend there?  What unique shops are not to be missed?  Any performers in town that would be great?  Any events?

As you can tell, we are in the very early planning stages, but it is not very far away and we need to get on it!!! 



  1. Definitely shop at The Summitt (wonderful stores) and "Village Tavern" would be a great choice for dinner!

  2. On my bucket list is to shop at chelsea lane see link Will you come by my blog and post a comment on my Thanksgiving dilemma?

  3. My favorite restaurant in town is Frank Stitt's Highland's Bar and Grille. Mountain Brook Village and downtown Homewood are charming shopping venues with locally owned shops. Aloft Birmingham Soho Square is a great hotel that is convenient to these shopping areas and not too far from the Summit.

  4. Mimi is from Birmingham. I'm sure she knows exactly where to go!


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