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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue and White Chinoiserie

If you're like me, you LOVE blue and white Chinoiserie, and this willow pattern is the most iconic of all.  This is a close-up of  Lee Jofa's beautiful printed grass cloth. 

And this is an entire room in their showroom papered in it.  Perfection!  Look how their choice of contemporary fabrics and accessories make the perfect blend of classic and modern. I'm so in love with this look. 

See how their choice of pure white porcelain makes such a statement against all of this pattern.  And the major pieces of furniture are also solid, but interesting. 

Artwork is tricky on this much pattern.  They have chosen a rather plain framed mirror and a starburst, rather than oils or watercolors.  

Here are the choices of colorways the grasscloth comes in.

And check out these fabric choices.  The pink and white is sooooo pretty. The design is taken from a Chinese porcelain export plate in the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts.  It was first introduced in 1974. 

If you are looking for more Chinoiserie, Lee Jofa has an entire wall of it in the showroom.

Here's another one of my favorites: Nirvana Shadow.  It has a more contemporary Asian twist with it's bright monochromatic background colors.

And here's another one I love.  I was actually looking to use this for a client in the green colorway, but guess what?

I hate it when that happens!!!!

I also found a new wallpaper design that I'm suggesting that a client use in their back entryway.  It is called "Porcelain" by Baker Lifestyle.  It comes in matching fabric, too.

This is part of the Opera Garden Collection that is all so cute.  Which is your favorite?


  1. Oh my goodness I'm so dying over all of this! WOW. Thank you for sharing. I'm thrilled to know about these.

  2. I can't pick just one....I love blue and white....and I adore the willow pattern...chinoiserie is always so elegant. Thanks for sharing all the lovelies. Cherry Kay

  3. Between Chinoiserie and toile I could do the whole house in it...well, maybe not the whole house. But I do love some of the selections you've shown us. I especially liked the discontinued one...darn.
    Great post.

  4. Great post! I am absolutely drooling over the room papered in the Lee Jofa grasscloth. You are so right. It is perfection!

  5. Chinoiserie wall decoration constituted a significant trend in high-style interiors during the early twentieth century. And we are so glad that we can still have it for our homes.

  6. I was just in Lee Jofa today...I have always loved that vignette in the back of the showroom.....

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