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Monday, October 1, 2012

Tour of Fall Decor

 I thought I'd take you on a tour of our home dressed for fall.  Come on in!

Here's what will greet you at the road.  

These mums will soon show a lot more color.  I buy them in bud so that they will give us color until Thanksgiving.

At the Y in the driveway, we've put this little grouping.  That is not a strange weed to the right.  It is a pumpkin vine that sprung up from last year's pumpkin.  It got to be about 8 inches around and then it disappeared overnight.  Did the deer eat it?

As you come up the driveway, you'll pass the cutting garden.

Through the gate, the garden is sadly done for the season, except for the mums.

Then, come in the front door.  So many of our pumpkins and gourds came from Whole Foods.  They have a great variety of heritage pumpkins and they are very reasonable.

Out in the back, we've continued decorating, as we have so many windows and doors that look out to this area.

Beside the fireplace.....

the French boy is gathering harvest, too.

Inside, in the living room, the mantle gets a small vignette.  I'm not usually one for an overdone mantle with layers and layers of seasonal stuff, so this is a lot of decor for me.

A LOT of stuff.

Unfortunately, I broke this black metal pedestal.  I'm still trying to replace the middle rod.  I'm carrying it around from hardware store to hardware store.  I am NOT giving up! 

These orange roses are so lovely.  I wish they would stay this way all fall, but they'll be done soon.

This faux bois vase always holds birch sticks from the yard, but for fall, I've added the Chinese lanterns and bittersweet.

In the dining room, on the sideboard, I've done a vignette with real and paper mache gourds.

And on the chest, these faux bois pedestals are filled with fall colored flowers.

They are so vibrant that they look fake, but they are real, I swear.

This step back cupboard in the breakfast room just gets a slight nod to fall.

In the bar, another grouping of gourds and small pumpkins.

And some small pumpkins filled with fresh flowers.

Soon I will get out the Halloween stuff, and we'll enjoy that, but I'll wait a couple of weeks, as I get very tired of  that.  Love it, but it's too much for very long!


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  1. Your home is grandly gourgous in its fabulous fall colors and decor!

  2. Very welcoming Fall decor! Kudos!

  3. Your fall decor is some of the prettiest I have seen in blogland. Just beautiful!

  4. Getting in that fun festive fall mood!

  5. So many pretties! I love the bronze statue on your outdoor fireplace and the bronze pheasant...your home looks lovely. The white pumpkin wreath inspired me to create one similar. Happy Autumn!

  6. You have such a lovely home and all your fall decorations are beautiful. I love the fall touch beside the french boy and fireplace. Gorgeous arrangement in the dining room and I love the stand in the bar. Thanks for the tour, beautiful, beautiful!

    The French Hutch

  7. What gorgeous photos!!!
    I love the outdoor shots and is that a river or a pond or body of water in the background of that one photo, Linda??
    Your pool and your outdoor fireplace and patio are GORgeous!
    The prettiest property in blogland I think. Wow.

    Your indoor decor is just as pretty but I must say, I do love that collection of white and green pumpkins together in the mass grouping.... stunning. Love it ALL!

    (So sorry your black pedestal broke.
    Hope you are able to fix it. What about that crazy putty glue that dries and you can paint it?Such a pretty display piece.)

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Linda, First of all, as usual I am wishing I could move in. And your fall decor is perfect. I, too, get very tired of Halloween stuff--it's only out for a few days here. I think I'll do a tiered display too--I am loving yours. And I'm off tomorrow to Whole Foods to see what they have in pumpkins. I haven't found the right ones yet, but I didn't think of Whole Foods. Thanks for the idea and for the tour of your gorgeous home. Linda

  9. Love your comfy looking home. If the bar is metal. You mite try a mechanic. Some are amazing with a spot welder. ;)

  10. Hey, Linda! Tell me more about this rod for your pedestal. I would think that a "Mom & Pop" type hardware store would be able to hook you up. I never rely on places like Home Depot or Lowe's for this sort of thing. The smaller stores usually have AT LEAST one person working there who is actually a jack of all trades who could be of help. I'm guessing it's the type of rod that is threaded on both ends? You would need to find a rod that is the right length that is threaded OR have someone thread a rod for you. A last ditch alternative might be to buy a plain rod, paint it the right color, then have it soldered in the absence of threading. Geez....I'm really sorry. I know how it feels to have a treasure that is perfectly good except for one little obnoxiously hard-to-find piece!!!! Meanwhile, you have just been a super busy bee inside, outside, and all around your house decorating for fall!!! It looks fabulous, especially the assembly of white pumpkins and gourds on the dining room sideboard! Too bad you can't throw some mojo on those gorgeous orange roses to keep them alive all season! They're beautiful!!!

  11. I was visitor 102,000! Yippeee!! And I was excited before when you hit 1,000.

    I got some great ideas that I "stole" from you for decorating my front porch and dining room table. We took Anna to the pumpkin patch and I got some amazing gourds and pumpkins. Seeing all of your fall decorations makes me hungry for smoked almonds and butter mints. Ahh...memories!

  12. Linda, your property is gorgeous! Love that grand entry and the beautiful pond. All the fall touches add warmth for the season. I like the different ways you used the gourds and pumpkins about the house. Your tiered server with the gourds has inspired me to use one of my tiered cake servers like this. ;-)


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