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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Tables of Boxwoods

This is where I go whenever I feel like I need a special little something, a gift, some inspiration, or just a pick-me-up.  Who needs a therapist when a stroll through Boxwoods does such a good job of lifting your spirits? The owners, Randy and Dan, have an eye for the finding the best inventory at very fair prices and have hired the perfect staff to welcome and help you.  You can see a post I did of their country home here.  I promise you that you'll want to live there!

Imagine my joy when they opened another store just across the street just for tabletop items.  Let me show you some of the tables that they have set with their beautiful merchandise.  There is a lovely pale turquoise room that they have set with linens and pieces of the same color combined with cream dishes.  They have the knack of layering and layering and then adding some more, but not seeming at all overdone.  Don't you want to just sit down at this table and pour some wine?

Here's another turquoise table they did with a totally different feel.

Every room has a charm and feel of it's own.

How about this breath of spring?  And those chairs?  I. die.

Downstairs they have this fresh little table for two.

And this green and blue designed with these plastic plates that look just like the real Italian dishes that they are made to look like.

Here's a more casual look with fun neutrals and lots of texture.

Look at how much interest is developed just by simply repeating the soft blue of the painting in the delphinium stems and the throw pillows.  It's so subtle, but lovely. 

And one more little shot of blue across the landing ties all of this together and keeps it from being too beige.  for me.  There's more, but I'm going back across the street to buy a hydrangea, shop the antiques, and talk to Tom and see what new fashion jewelry he has in.  If only they sold groceries here, I could do all of my shopping at Boxwoods!

To contact :
Randy Korando - interior design
Dal Belman - landscape design
Boxwoods Garden and Gifts
100 East Andrews
Atlanta, Ga. 30305


  1. I could just LIVE in that place! Such pretty things...and displayed so nicely! There aren't that many stores anymore that have fabulous customer service (although you'd think it would be just the opposite in this economy...I'd have my employees to rub customers' FEET if I thought that would help boost sales!), gorgeous inventory, AND merchandising techniques that knock you off your feet! This really puts me in the mood to shop!!!

  2. The tabletop store across the street would get me into a LOT of trouble....such pretty lovelies in one! :D I need to go to Atlanta for a shopping trip.

  3. Everytime I go to Atlanta, my first stop is Boxwoods. Can hardly wait to visit their new store. Thanks for the info!

  4. Oh I wish I could go see all the pretty things at Boxwood! It might be time to plan a trip to Atlanta! I agree, I LOVE those gorgeous chairs!

  5. What a gorgeous shop! You were totally in your element there!! Wish I lived closer so I could check out those turquoise dishes... yum :)

  6. Beautiful. I'm going to try to make it to the garden tour this year. I read that the Boxwood home is on the tour

  7. Oh, it's a good thing I don't live near there. Boxwoods and the new table store across the street would get all my money.

    Beautiful table settings for your Easter and at the new table store...

    I have just become your latest follower on Google Friends.



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