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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Purple and Pumpkins in the Pasture

The Romantic in me has always wanted to serve a meal in our pasture.  We keep it mown most of the time, but right now, it has a little "texture" to it, so I thought it would be a good time to give it a go.  I invited a friend who is always up for anything to join me on this beautiful day for lunch.
I wanted to use this purple transferware with some purple mums.
Even though it's not a typical fall color, the design says "harvest" to me.
I especially love the border design.  This is the rim of the soup bowl, in which I served a light melon soup since it is still a bit warm here.

The cream embossed acorns are my favorite.  This is from Crate and Barrel a couple of years ago.  If anyone has a dinner plate to sell, I'd love to replace the one I broke.
The bottom of the stack is an amethyst glass charger from Penney's Home store. 
The tablecloth is cream burlap and I used my cream-handled flatware that is a knock-off of a beautiful French flatware.
The lavender stemware is from Pier One and the short goblet is from World Market. 
On the bread ad butter plate, I used these wonderful knives that my daughter gave me for Christmas last year.  They are really special, but I'm not sure what exactly they are made of.  The blade seems to be brass and the handle is probably porcelain in a basket weave pattern.  I know they are fruit knives but for today they were butter knives.  

This photo is very washed out, but I included it to show the entire table.

As a centerpiece, I started with a large amethyst glass bottle filled with pampas grass,...

and added eggplant, white pumpkins, lavender mums, a dry white hydrangea, white wheat,...

and some beautiful purple and green kale.

The eggplant doesn't show up much here.  I just piled things up and the mums aren't even in water. You can see another tablescape I did with this china and some baby eggplant here.

As I was setting up, I had a friendly visitor.

To add to the color theme, I added some purple mums.  I also added a white pumpkin to this, but it didn't make it into this photograph! I've gotten this experience out of my system.   
It was a long........
LONG way to drag everything out here just for the ambience.  I brought the food out in a picnic basket after we had a glass of tea in the garden.  Then.......everything had to come IN!!!! it out of my system for sure.
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  1. Beautiful! Love the colors! It is a lot of work, setting, lugging, putting away! Thank you for doing it and showing us!

  2. I just love purple transfer ware! What a wonderful table setting!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I too love the purple transferware. The white plates with the embossed acorn design is lovely. The white flatware is always a favorite of mine. Such a lovely setting for a fall harvest table. Very nice job. .....Candy

  4. Absolutely stunning! I love the color scheme you chose, and the "dish stack" is completely gorgeous. You get bonus points for hauling everything outside, but it's a beautiful setting -- perfect for a magazine shoot!

  5. Love the tablescape and the purple is not easy to find...I love it and wish I had some transferware in the purple and white...your table is delightful...Phyllis

  6. I appreciate your effort!! It's not easy to bring everything out and then haul it back in. But the effect was beautiful--so serene and lovely!

  7. Everything purple with the addition of white is a lovely combination. I love how you photographed the setting in the great outdoors and from a distance so gorgeous! The purple transferware plate next to the embossed acorn plate is a perfect combination for fall! Have a lovely fall week!


  8. I appreciate all the work you put into getting such a pretty shot in your pasture. I have always wanted to do that in my neighbor's horse pasture - so it is nice to see that I am not a crazy woman!! Your photos came out great with the sun shining down - the eggplant and kale go great with the beautiful dishes. Kudos for your extra efforts!

  9. Love this setting! Gorgeous...well worth the trouble yo went to...

  10. I love the idea of a table in the pasture and you've created one that is perfect. Even if it was a little extra work, it was a wonderful setting for your tea.

  11. Lovely! And such a unique color, that works so beautifully. I really do need to expand my color choices!! Bravo!

  12. This looks absolutely romantic and idyllic. What a marvelous idea - love your purple Transferware - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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