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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Tartan Welcome

Allison at The Polohouse has declared her Favorites on the First blog party to be plaid-themed this month.  Be SURE to visit her blog, not just for this party, but for all of her beautiful posts.
We sit way back from the road, so by the time you get up to our door, I want you to have a special welcome.  Living in Georgia, we sometimes have very warm, sunny days, and roping can get very crispy and shed terribly.  (Live and learn!)  So except for our door swag, the decorations pretty much are stationary.  Last year I chose an antique sporting goods theme with traditional red/green tartan ribbons. 

They are a little hard to see here, but I've done a simple mixed green swag and incorporated these antique skates.  Mr. Pressed Pants was a professional skater, and that's how he paid his way through college, so these old skates are of great sentiment to me.  Well, he didn't skate long enough ago that he used THESE, but it was a while ago!

These old wooden skis are usually in our family room, but when I brought them out here I just added another swag and ribbon.
This is another piece I've had a very long time.  This wooden top was once made of one board, but it has since split.  Again, I gathered some mixed greens and added a bow.  I buy a large box of mixed greens (kinda sounds like a salad) at the floral wholesaler, add clippings of pine, boxwood, and Leland cypress from our yard, and I have all of the greens I need for decorating.  I've decided after looking at these pictures that I'm going to use this thicker ribbon for all of the pieces here.
I'm looking forward to welcoming my dear family through these doors soon.  Sadly, we'll be missing a couple of them but they won't be far from our hearts.
Just as I thought I had this post finished, I walked into our bar room and I saw this pile of plaid!  I decided to take a very quick shot of it, as it was sitting there, just as I took it out of the linen press.  I swear I did not move a thing for the shot.

Here is the same pile with just a touch of styling.  I guess we really are tartan lovers!  The lighting on this didn't turn out to well, but I'll try it later this afternoon.

I had gathered the plaids, as I'm doing a table for eight Tuesday evening at our church's annual Christmas Dinner for the women.  Guess which dishes I'm using?  I'll do a post of the finished table.  I'm still mulling over the centerpiece.  Will it be the white stag?????
@ The Polohouse


  1. LOVE your front entry!!!
    I recently did a post on Facebook/Polohouse on what fun it is to use old winter sporting equipment for holiday decor!
    Sleds, skis, skates, snowshoes, etc! LOVE them all and the fact that your sweet hubby used to skate? Even better!

    Oh how I wish I had a big old pile of tartan linens.
    I have just two tablecloths but YOUR stash is splendid!!

    Thanks so much for linking up!
    I cannot get enough views and inspirations of this blessed stuff.

    Have a lovely week.

  2. I really like your antique sports equipment and that beautiful stack of tartan fabric. I especially like the mixed fresh greenery swag. I live in GA too, and just put up my fresh wreath today...but I soaked it in the bath tub first. I know what you mean about crispy garland. I had that last year. :(
    Visiting from Alison's Favorites on the Firs.

  3. How fun that your husband was a professional skater. That really does make those skates a treasure! I love plaid and your stack of fabric and dishes are both wonderful! I have vintage ski's and snow shoes and they are two of my favorite Winter decorating items. Hopped over from Polohouse. Now a new follower.

  4. Oh, my but your stack of plaid linens is creating a bit of envy here. Can't wait to see your table setting. I have a set of those dishes. Wish I had more………….Happy Holidays ~ Sarah

  5. I love those plates!!!! They will make such a gorgeous table. Have fun!

  6. Beautiful, Linda! I just love your entryway!!! Don't we here in the Midwest WISH we had the problem of warm days in winter??!?!! :-) Our little teeth are chattering pretty much from November through April!!!

    I love those wooden skis! What a great addition to the whole look!!!

    Tartan is so pretty, and you have quite a little collection going on there! LOVE the plates!


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