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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lydia's Luncheon

Nothing beats an afternoon spent with good friends, celebrating a birthday!  Several of my friends and I gave a luncheon for a mutual friend and it was such a lovely day.

I was anxious to celebrate spring, as well, so I chose these colors and added a selection of birds and bird related dishes.  

This greeted the guests as they arrived at the front door.

I like to give a hint of the event on the gates or the door, or both.  This chalkboard with ribbons was a substitute for a wreath or basket of flowers.

These majolica-like salad plates led the charge!  They came from  Pottery Barn a year or so ago.  I paired them with turquoise dinner plates from Target.

The flatware was cream, and kept the look casual and the colors soft.

I've had these stems so long, I can't begin to remember where I got them.  They are unusual, in that the base is a periwinkle blue, the stems a soft turquoise, and the bowl a light blue.  Unfortunately, I broke two while I was cleaning up.

I thought the butter pats would look pretty with a fresh viola.

These clear glass napkin holders were a hit.  I actually bought more to give the birthday girl as a gift.  They came from Boxwoods in Atlanta.  The tag serves as a placecard and is just attached with a narrow ribbon.  The napkin is a soft linen banded in white.  I think I picked them up at Homegoods.

I love to print a menu for each place setting, and include a quote at the bottom.  This one says, "Here's to tall ships.  Here's to small ships.  Here's to all the ships on the sea.  But the best ships are friendships.....Here's to you and me."  It is an old Maritime blessing.  At the end of the event, I always ask the guests to sign their name on it and then I keep it as a souvenir of the day.

I bought these twig and nest arrangements at the floral wholesaler.  Then I added the eggs and the velvet covered birds.

Here's a close-up.  Doesn't he just make you smile?

The centerpiece is an arrangement of fresh hydrangeas in a whitewashed birch pot.  Then I added thistles for some interest......

And texture.

This ceramic bowl held the rolls.

I think these bird salt and pepper shakers came from Boxwoods, as well.

I used this chicken wire cloche with a bird in it on the chest in the dining room.

And the buffet held the coffee/tea set-up.

I have this sweet teapot and sugar/creamer with birds on them.  Don't you love the way I left the plastic wrap on the lemons in the picture?  Keeping it real here, folks.

Another bird plate that one of my guests gave me for Christmas held the tea selection.  The silver bird and edging added some class to the offerings!

I even found a beaded bird in the same colors for the gift wrapping.

And every birthday girl must wear this fun crown.  Lydia looked beautiful in it, but I promise my friends that they needn't have their picture in my blog.  Some folks are too private for this, and I want to respect their feelings.  I don't even put my own photo on the blog!

This was the beverage set up in the bar.  I had these white hydrangea plants but I'm afraid that they are at the end of their beauty.

One powder room had our first three daffodils and an extra hydrangea.

The other powder room had a bird vase, as well.

And some Caspari guest towels in an aqua toile.

It was a pretty day, but cool, so we sat by the fire and talked and talked.

Don't you wish you joined us for this dessert?  As pretty as it is, it tasted even better.  I'm sure hoping that Anne shares this recipe!!!


  1. What a lovely, lovely party you planned. You managed to see to every detail! Your friends are very lucky, indeed. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. Those were veryvlucky ladies that attended this luncheon! Beautiful table and ambiance!


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