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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Viola!! Violets!!!

It had been several days since I had taken a stroll through the gardens, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and hurried out before I had to meet someone for a design consult.  I was so shocked to see that in two days the wild violets had appeared and were looking so incredibly lovely.  I hurried back to the house, took this violet patterned china out of storage, threw it on a tray and made a trayscape.  Here's my disclaimer: this is a phony tea party!  I would have loved to have called a friend, but I just pretended today.

A few years ago, Atlanta Ballet had a guest choreographer in town to set work on a piece.  Her name is Violette Verdi and she is the dearest, tiniest, sweetest little French woman you ever met.  I decided to invite her to tea and used this china.  She actually cried when she saw what I had set up for her!  It was a very special day for both of us, I assure you.

I made a tiny bouquet of violets and tied them with twine from the potting shed.  Here they are placed on a lavender napkin.  I sort of feel weak at the knees when I see a violet bouquet, because I remember my Daddy gave me a violet corsage for Easter one year.  Lord knows how my mother kept it fresh until I wore it!  They wilt so easily.

This is just a twig votive holder that I plunked a plant that I dug up into.  I returned the plant as soon as I finished the shoot.

Here's the sugar bowl with it's gold trim.

The spoons are from my collection of silverplate.  See how I just keep the basic shape similar and mix them up?  These, to me, are so much more interesting than the matching silver, which I almost never use.

The empty acorn hat in this photo makes me smile.  This sort of represents one season slipping into the next.

If I had shot later in the day, these sweet flowers would have been a little more open and their heads would have been a little higher.

Looks like I have a lot of cleaning up to do in this garden!

The angle of the sun actually washed the color in this one out a bit.

I just had to get this fleeting moment in the garden.

There is something appealing about the beautiful silver tray sitting on the rustic zinc table on the "dining pad" in the garden.

I have to be sure to grab a friend for a real tea next year for violet season!  I'm off to meet a client.  I hope she'll understand my slight tardiness.

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  1. Your china is just beautiful and dainty with those little flowers. Great tray! I would be like your French friend very happy to have tea with you in such pretty setting and cups and silver. Lovely.

  2. So lovely! Your photos look magazine worthy! I love the first photo, with the gorgeous violet napkin setting off that pretty china. And what a sweet story about Violette!

  3. What a lovely tea, pretty violets!

  4. Oh you have me weak at my knees. I love the violets and your china, oh just made me swoon! How lovely your garden looks even if you think it needs work. It's a wonderful place! I love the violet napkins. You've certainly took the best advantage of the little sun and the moment. A winner all the way! Thanks for dropping in with your comments, I truly cherish them.

  5. Oh, what a gorgeous set of china, and that precious tiny nosegay of violets has my heart fluttering. How adorable! I love to mix silver, too, and I agree, it is far more interesting.

    Thank you for not only sharing this lovely tablescape but for sharing that sweet story about your French friend. I know why she was so appreciative. This is a guaranteed smile.


    Sheila :-)

  6. What a gorgeous tea set! How neat to have the real violets being a part of your tea. Just lovely.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Nature certainly provided the perfect complement for your beautiful china! I'm so glad you didn't miss the wild violets. I've been enjoying them, too, and I'm always sad to see them go. They just don't stay long enough ... but now I can go back to this post and enjoy them again. :-)

  8. How special! The violet tea set with your bouquet of violets makes my heart sing. Beautiful details! ~ Sarah

  9. Such sweet china. I love the wild violets that grow here -- they're such delicate beauties.

  10. I love tea service is so pretty.

  11. Hi lovely lady. I love your Violets with your lovely China so sweet.Im one of your long time Followers on your Blg. I just put a new Tablescape on I hope you can come join me.
    I also hope you have a Great Day ..

  12. I am in envy for your tea set . It is so dainty and lovely. I live in the north and it is cold one day and 40's the next. My violets aren't out yet. then I will know spring is here.

  13. I am absolutely, 100%, totally, thoroughly and completely enthralled! What a beautiful and feminine setting!!! Having tea with those gorgeous dishes would just make me sit up a little straighter and taller, cross my legs at the ankle like a lady, and use words like "thus" and "thou" and "hither." :-) That china is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, my friend!

  14. Hi. Just found your blog. Love your violet tea tray scape! I just walked through our garden yesterday and was surprised to see our Columbine about a foot high and other perennials up and getting ready for spring. It has been so cold and rainy here, I was so happy to see that blooms aren't too far away.
    Have a great week!
    ~ Julie


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