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Sunday, January 1, 2012

We've Gone To The Dogs

Note:  Alison at the Polohouse's  "Favorites On the First" linky party this week has the theme of "Pets"!  Well, since I prepared this post for her last party, "Collections", it just happens to be pertinent to this week, too.  Our sweet pet is deceased, but our hearts are filled with love for her and her presence is felt in our whole house.  So...I'm double dipping and posting this one again in the Pets category.  Be sure to go to to see this fun party.

One of my very favorite bloggers, Alison at The Polohouse has started a new blog party, "Favorites on the First".  I want to be a part of anything she does!!!!  I love every single solitary post that she has ever done.  If I can't live at her home (a former stable for polo ponies), then I wish to vacation there.  A long vacation!  Her topic this week is "Collections".  Even though, due to the holiday chaos around here, I am late joining up, that is an easy topic for me.  So here goes.....take a look at our collection of dog art.

My favorite piece, by far is this old oil of three different types of setters.  One year, shortly after we moved into a new house, my husband and I unknowingly got each other art for Valentine's Day.  This was my gift and it now hangs in our dining room.

This photo is poor quality, but it shows you some more detail.  Awesome frame, too, huh?

I've shown you this before.  We call this the Chairman of the Board.  It looks exactly like our beloved English Springer Spaniel, Nittany.

These hang in the hallway between the staircase and the living room.

This looks logical.....a springer hunting,

but I laugh every time I think about putting a dog in a fishing boat.  Our dog would have swamped the whole thing, she was such a spaz.

One of our guest rooms has this hanging in it.  It's a precious oil with another great likeness of Nittany.

She was never supposed to be on the furniture, but she would boldly sleep where ever she liked.  Oh, the dog hair!

This picture of the beagle pups with the bunny hangs in the same room.

In the terrace level family room this grouping hangs over the sofa.  PLEASE disregard the reflection of the photographer.  She is such a dope.

This is a little closer, but still hard to see with the reflection.

This often-seen reproduction hunt scene shows another pack of beagles.

Another trio of dogs, this time hanging over the fireplace.  This picture was reproduced for a calendar in the 30's.

Here's a little non-framed reproduction that sits on my grandfather's desk.  Do you see the magnifying glass with the dog handle?

I'm sorry for the blurriness of this, but it is so sweet and has such great colors that I had to include it.

Here's the detail that makes it special.

I'm sure you've seen lots of these Player's cards from cigarette packs.  They come in a variety of subject matter and are often found framed.

This is a modern print that hangs in Mr. Pressed Pant's office.  It is Millie, the Bush's dog and that is the White House in the background.

Now we're in the second floor family room and it gets very little natural light.  That means you either have to use a flash and get an enormous reflection, or you see the reflection of the chandelier.  You got the chandelier!

And here it is again in the picture that hangs over the fireplace.  It has another of my favorite subjects.....a stag.

Also in this room hangs our younger daughter's senior portrait that she elected to have taken with Nittany.  I recently had a copy of this photo made for our son-in-law, since he threatened to take this every time he was here.  It seemed like an easy project, but copyrights, a photographer who went out of business, moral high ground and lost paperwork made it much harder than it should have been.

As I was photographing this artwork, I decided that my next post will be our dog STUFF.  You didn't think that I could contain my dog-love to art, did you? 

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  1. Love all of your wonderful dog paintings. The first one and it's fabulous frame is my favorite, but they are all stunning. Great collection. Hugs, marty

  2. Dear Sweet Linda!
    You practically have me in tears!
    What sweet comments and such kind words!

    Oh my heavens, you inspire ME with all your vignettes and tablescapes.

    Your dog paintings and prints are amazing!
    I do love your most favorite as well and that frame is gorgeous too!

    Did you know Jackie O. used to collect many, many dog prints and paintings? You are a trendy lady with great style too!

    Thanks sooo much for linking up. Sorry I have not been around visiting like I used to, but this full time job that I took in September has got me running ragged, as they say!

    Missed you and look forward to blogging back and forth with you in the new year, friend!

  3. What fun those are!! I can tell they really add life to your charming home. Thanks for sharing. Sally

  4. Beautiful pictures--we love our dogs too--I even have grand-dogs we babysit. Precious posting--Happy 2012!

  5. Love your dog painting collection. I love collecting them, too. I have one of the same hunt scenes that you have.

  6. I love old oils with ornate gold frames. Nice collection!

  7. I love all your dog pictures -so while you are at the Polo house -I'll just come and stay at yours-"-)

  8. How did I miss this when you posted it in January? I'm so happy you shared it again. Love the beautiful paintings and each of your vignettes. Now I need to go find your post on all your other dog stuff. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  9. Thinking fondly of Nittany!
    Thanks so much again, for your sweet comments,
    Linda! I am so glad you shared with us again.

    Big hugs,


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