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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Tables of 2011

New Year's Eve is always a time of reflection and making plans.  I have to admit that I am particularly looking forward to leaving 2011 in the past and moving on to a new year and all that it has in store for us.  Let's take a look at what 2011 looked like at our table! 

My mom spent a couple of months with us last winter and she loves chickens.  We had a good time putting this together and it was such a bright and happy table on a dreary day.  We were ready for some color and this did the trick. You can see this post here.

Trying to have a special dinner in a restaurant can sort of be like trying to have a good time on New Year's
Eve in a restaurant.  Not!!!  It's often a night of forced "romance" while the staff is focused on turning the table for the next couple.  To counter this, Valentine's Day has become one of our favorite times to give a dinner party.  See our pary

Spring was soooo welcome here in Georgia.  I know that our winter was tropical compared to many places, but to us, it was much colder than usual.  This fabric with birds inspired me to do this table.  You can see it here.

Spring is so beautiful in Georgia and we are so blessed to have lots and lots of azeleas in our yard.  As a celebration of them, I put this pink and green table together.  You can see it here.

Peonies were the next flower that we celebrated.  I had a particularly good year for them, unlike some years in the past.  This table on the lower terrace was vibrant and fun.  See it here.

My bridge group came for lunch in June and I had so much fun planning this bright and fresh luncheon.  Take a look here.

Our two youngest grandsons came for a week in July and we had fun, fun, fun!!!!  Almost all of our meals were eaten pool-side, and were pretty darned casual, but they helped me set this charming table to match their swim trunks.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  See what we did here.

I thought I'd show you an August table set up in the garden.  Our woods were full of lush ferns and I brought the theme onto the table.  It can be seen here.

When I found these unusual martini glasses, I began planning this tablescape.  I was thinking about heading into fall colors, but I loved this coastal look on this table.  Take a look here.

Labor Day was sort of unusual for us, but I did try to surprise Mr. Pressed Pants with this picnic.  Hurricane Lee had a different plan for us, but you can still see my ideas here.

This was a chance to have my bridge friends here again.  They are always so appreciative of a pretty table, so this is what I arranged for their fall lunch.  Join us here.

Thanksgiving was a delightful weekend with some very special friends.  We cooked, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we lounged, we ate, we shopped, and then we ate some more.  This was the night before Thanksgiving table. See what I am so thankful for here.

I thought I'd show you a non-red-and-green Christmas table.  This is seasonal, but not really Christmas.  I really, really love stags, so this came together easily.  Won't you join us here.

New Year's Eve
Here's what I'm planning for this year.  It is going to be the same as last year's table but with a different menu.  It will be a lovely way to end the year .  Here's the link.

Thank you all for your inspiration, your entertainment, and your support this year.  This blogging thing is enriching my life in a very surprising way.  I hope you've enjoyed the walk down memory lane with me.  I'm looking forward to a new year of tables and entertaining, but most of all, I'm looking forward to being with the people sitting around our table.  If "food is love", then tablescaping might be adoration!!! 


  1. I remember most of your wonderful tablescapes and they're all gorgeous! Wishing you the very best for the New Year 2012. Hugs,

  2. I remember seeing most of those, they are all so lovely!

    May you and your family have a very Happy New Year!


  3. Dear A Toile Tale,
    I certainly have enjoyed your blog in 2011. You have such an exuberant style and it is educational for me to see how creative you are! Hope 2012 will be a very good year for you and your family.


  4. Love seeing your pretty tables again.. May all your dreams come true in 2012. Happy New Year! xo marlis

  5. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. Such gorgeous tables.

    Happy New Year.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Love them all so much I had to come back and take a second look.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Lots of wonderful tablescapes and memories. Thank you for sharing. Pat


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