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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reality Show

 Here's a repost from last year.  I am in exactly the same place as we speak.  If your house looks like this right now, take heart.  This is reality.  I'd rather be facing this than out shopping on Black Friday!

Haven't you seen all of those millions of blogs this week showing us how perfectly DONE blogger's houses are?  Or at least we are shown a foyer here or a family room there with every stray pine needle already vacumed and the boxes put away.  Well, I thought I'd show you how far I've come with my decorating!

You've probably also seen tutorials with hints and advice about special containers and papers and cushioning for storing your decorations.  Here's the truth.........cardboard boxes work!!!!!!!

Not one surface is a pretty little vignette. 

Pointsetta are currently existing on the same table as orchids.  Artwork is on the floor.  And I'm probably not even home.  I'm probably on the way to the store to buy MORE lights!!!! 
Not to worry!  We're having a party on Sunday evening, and I can't promise that all will be done, but I can say for sure that the cardboard boxes will be out of the middle of the floor.
Anybody have advise about how to get the pine tar off of your fingers? 


  1. Ha! Love it!! Glad to see I'm not alone :) I think you and I should start a linky Christmas party for bloggers who can't get their Christmas decorating done by December 1st :) I'll be lucky if I'm done by Christmas morning!

  2. LOL I'm having to secretly hide the decor that's not up yet by moving it from room to room. Hubby likes to unbox it all and get all boxes put back away on the same day so I have to unpack it if I even think I'll use it! Can't wait to see the pics from Sunday I know you will have it all setup so divine. Jennifer

  3. laughing.. really laughing.. I hope it all got put up.. i know how you feel though.. good luck.. xo marlis


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