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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Little More Decor

My last post showed you the way our front door, entryway, and living room turned out.  You can see it here.
Today I'll show you our bar, breakfast room and kitchen.  Here is the English Setter tray on the wall as you enter the bar in the back of the house.  This photo must have been taken from a funny angle, because I promise you that this greenery isn't this strangely shaped!  It looks like a hat you could wear to a royal wedding!  But you get the idea.  Don't stand still around here or you'll end up with a bow and some greenery!

The drop leaf table holds an arrangement with the resin pheasant that you've seen here.  The top shelf holds some canvas Santas and the bottom one has several wood grained candles from Pottery Barn.

I've used a lot of the same items here that I have on the tree in the living room.

Under the pub sign, I've placed some very special Santas.  They are hand painted wooden cutouts that my mom and dad made for me years ago.

The keeping room lends itself well to the colors of the holiday.

I temporarily replaced the green plant here with the poinsettia.

Love this acorn mirror with a bit of fluff!

I don't know if you can tell, but the black forest sconce is a stag and so is the design on the plate.

The other end table.

On the breakfast room table, I've replaced some mums with poinsettias and left the ferns in there.

A yellow glittered Santa is on top of the step backed cupboard.

I like to think about this guy as our kitchen mascot. He came home from France with us and he likes this bow and greenery.

Can you read this title?  It's "Some Well Known Characters of Charles Dickens".  I prop this against the back splash, but I move it if I'm really slinging hash!

I love this guy, even if he does look a bit judgemental.

This green pottery pedestal usually has fruit on it, but I've replaced it with a bunch of bottle brush trees and "snow" that is really Epsom salts.

Last room!  The well used powder room off of the kitchen. 

The salt glazed bottles on the acorn sconce hold a bit of greenery.

Even this little guy says "Merry Christmas"!
Tomorrow I'll show you the dining room and guest powder room.  Hope you're all done.  How's the shopping going?

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  1. Everything looks so festive and pretty! Love how you put scarves of greenery around your mascots :)


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