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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pinch Me!!!!

I've had these lobster table linens for quite a while and I've been waiting to do a post with them.

This morning when our grandsons came out to the pool in their lobster swim trunks, I knew that today was the day!

I set the table pool side with a red/wht/blue color story.

The placemat and napkin came from Homegoods several years ago.  I used them over a plain white hotel linen cloth.

 I used these chargers from Portugal. They sort of remind me of the Nantucket basket design.

Next was these red dinner plates from Ballard Designs.

Then these crab salad plates from Target.  They are on sale now for $1.25.  What a deal.

These blue glasses have been around forever.

The red flatware and the lobster pick are all from Target.  Most of the lobster themed stuff is from Target from several years ago 

like this bucket that I used for the napkin and the flatware with the lobster pick.

I set one at each place.

Here's the placecard holder.

and here's the individual butter warmer.

I almost never use these kinds of "gems" on a table, because I find them just too kitchy, but this table is all about the kitch!

A simple shell holds the salt and pepper with a horn spoon.

Years ago, some houseguests brought us this three dimensional seafood platter and at the time, I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen.  Well....tastes evolve, and now I love it.

I like to use this souvenier from Seaside, Florida as an ice bucket when we have a casual, beachy dinner.

I got these desert plates from Homegoods about two weeks ago.

This red scolloped pottery bowl holds greens and daisies from our garden.  Then, after I had taken some pictures, my daughter suggested that we add some blue hydrangeas and it looked so much better.  Thanks, Susie!

This made a fun, casual table pool-side.

It's a good thing, since that's where we spent the last day of their Camp Neena/Boppa.

It was 102 degrees today, so this was the perfect place to be.  I'll miss these guys soooo much, as they bring such joy to us. 
Here's a disclaimer:  We did NOT have lobster tonight.  We cooked salmon and had it over caesar salad and the dessert plates were not even used, as we served a very child-friendly ice cream sandwich for dessert.  You go with that they are most likely to eat, and lobster was just not worth the risk.  However, the five year old's favorite soup is Turtle Soup, so who knows....they might have loved it!

I'm joining Susan at Thursday Tablescape
Be sure to visit!  


  1. I love your table! Great idea for the salt and pepper! I have those Target crab plates, but I didn't wait for the sale. But my Target has none left, so I am glad!

  2. Oh my gosh this is so cute. Love all the lobsters. Visiting from between naps on the porch :)

  3. The perfect poolside table, especially since the guests were appropriately dressed! Love all the lobster accoutrements. they are so fun. Many blessings, marlis

  4. YOur grandbabies are so adorable! Looks like they are having a great time!
    Your table is yummy! Lobster and crabs... it is making my mouth water!
    You have pulled together so many fun summery elements. NOw I hope you are having a seafood salad for lunch!

  5. What a precious table! I love all the lobsters!!Your linens are gorgeous! Your main plates look like Susan's plates that she used this week. You know what they say, "Great minds..."
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a wonderful table! It is magazine-worthy! The lobster plates (note to self: go to Target TODAY!) are just fabulous, but those little buckets are both cute AND practical. Love the linens, too! We are gearing up for Camp Grandmama around here -- such fun!

  7. Hi Linda. Thank you for stopping by my fledgeling blog and your kind comments. I love the name of your blog. Your summery table is absolutely gorgeous and I love all the little details that match. You also just reminded me that i have a bunch of clam shells sitting somewhere that I need to go find! That red of the pottery bowls is amazing and my kind of red.
    pardon the anon comment but it seems the only way blogger will let me comment at the moment.


  8. GS are absolutely sweethearts, and I love the lobster theme tablescape,wish I was beachside!

  9. Great table! I've been coveting those lobster plates from HomeGoods. They are just too cute!!! I hope you enjoy them!

  10. Perfect summer table; lobsters and crabs are sure to make you feel the coolness of a sea spray! I like the idea of using the scallop shell to hold the salt and pepper.
    Have a great weekend, Linda!

  11. Those lobster linens are WANT THEM!!!! Why didn't I see those at Home Goods? Maybe I did and they only had like one or two, which we all know to be the Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx curse. They are just fabulous!!!!!! The whole table is summery perfect, and your little grandsons are the cat's pajamas! I hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

  12. Jimminy Cricket, I wish that we had a Home Goods. So many darling tablescape elements show up from there in blog world. The crab themed poolside table is wonderful. The linens are outstanding! Thank you for sharing your darling design. Cherry Kay


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