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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Boys of Summer

What a great day!!!  We have our two youngest grandsons here from Ohio while Mom and Dad celebrate their tenth anniversary on a well-deserved trip.  This house and the land is made for little boys!  Tonight was a momentous event.  Our seven year old, Teddy, took his first solo kayak ride.  

With Boppa and little brother as the "pilot boat", I loaded Teddy into a kayak and gave him a push off of the dock.

It took a bit of trial and error.....

but in a suprisingly short time, he was circling the lake like a pro.

Teddy is an excellent swimmer and takes direction well.  He's used to boats and has water sports in his DNA.  He was a total natural.

Here's the flotilla!

Owen is just the right size to stick in the cargo space and he thinks he's the captain of the regatta!

How does a kid feel when he masters a new endeavor?


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  1. What fun! And what wonderful memories you are making! We are about to do something similar with our grandchildren while our daughter and son-in-law celebrate their 11th anniversary!


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