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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can There Be Dish Overload???????

I've spent the last two days at the Atlanta Gift Show at America's Mart.  It is the largest gift show in the USA.  If there can be such a thing as dish coma, I think that I'm suffering from it!!!!

What's your pleasure?  Fine porcelain, bamboo, melamine, tin, pottery, or paper?
Chinatown. An American Classic!
Home James

And your design preference?  Oriental, rustic, contemporary, floral, whimsical, or nautical?
Home James

And your linens?  Cotton, organdy, linen, or blends?
casual linens  napkins
Home James

Placemats?  Straw, linen, polypropylene, cotton, or twig?
casual linens placemats
Home James

How about serving pieces?
David's Lane Acrylic Trays
Home James

Home James


And then there were the seven floors of holiday decorations!!  Don't even let me start there!!!!

It is an event filled with drama.  Every exhibitor is hoping for that big order that puts them on the map and every buyer is hoping to find those very special items that make their shop a "must shop" place with plenty of profit.  It's a balancing act that brings hoards of people and merchandise to the heart of Atlanta.  It's so much fun to attend.  I can just observe and learn the new sources, as I don't have to sell or stock a shop.  I'm just there to find the "stuff" for my design clients.  Boy!!!  Am I full of ideas!!!! 

Be sure to read tomorrow's post.  To celebrate my 100th post, I have a great giveaway!!! 


  1. I would love to go to a market like this but would probably leave with NO $$$$$$$$$$$ because I would want it all!!!! If I were younger and know what I know now, I would open a shop tomorrow! XO, Pinky

  2. The Atlanta Mart is definitely overload. I helped a friend at this market in January. Wow! ~ Sarah

  3. That sounds like my kinda show. Goodness but it sounds huge! I just want to come because of all the variety but it prbably would take me a week to get throught it all because of all the

    Glad you enjoyed it.


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