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Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Have a Winner!!!

              We Have A Winner!!!!

To celebrate my 100th post, I offered this beautiful book , "Flair", by Joe Nye as a giveaway.  I loved the fact that the dish on the front was a pink toile and it seemed to be an homage to "A Toile Tale".

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I'm so happy to announce that Susan from My Place to Yours is the winner!  It's so nice that someone whose blog I follow and enjoy is getting this great book.  Susan gives me plenty of inspiration, so it's fitting that I can send some to her.

Enjoy, Susan!!!!


  1. Congrats to Susan for winning such a wonderful book, give away from our friend, at A Toile Tail for the 100 followers! I love the book, too. Hugs. FABBY

  2. Sorry, I meant 100th. post!! Wow! I need half of that! Love. FABBY

  3. Congratulations to Susan! This is her month...she just won my giveaway for the 12 Haviland Limoges luncheon plates, too. Happy 100th post. Isn't this just so much fun! Cherry Kay

  4. Well, my goodness! I am NOT one of those people who wins often, so a second big win in as many weeks is shocking -- and exciting! Thank you, Linda, for hosting such a generous giveaway. I can't wait to sit down and devour FLAIR!

  5. Congratulations to Susan!
    It looks like a wonderful book.
    I love the title!

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