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Monday, July 25, 2011

This Is Not What I Planned!!!!

I always thought that there would be American Girl dolls, smocked dresses, Tinkerbell, and lots of pink in my life as a grandmother.  Well.....there are Rescue Heros, rubber snakes, muddy shoes, and Spider Man instead.  

No sweet little girl babies appeared in the delivery room.  Neither one of our daughters provided us with one of those pigtailed little children.

No pink.  No ballerinas.  No princess tiaras.

Instead, we were blessed with three of the sweetest little thugs on earth!  They all amaze me with their unique personalities and loving ways.  I wouldn't trade a day at the go-cart track for a toddler's mani/pedi for anything on earth.  Every hug and every smile are perfection and I treasure each and every one of them that I am lucky enough to get.  I know that the day will soon come when I'll sit in the stands at the football games and try real hard not to embarrass anyone.  I won't be holding hands with them in public much longer.  They won't fight about sitting beside me at dinner forever.  I won't hear "play with me" or "you're the best".  Each one of them has such a hold on my heart. 

Five years ago, when I decorated this guest room, I was still expecting hoping for this elusive grandaughter, so I designed what we call the ya-ya room.  All in pink and green, it is sophisticated enough for an adult, but was ready for a tutu in every corner.  Across the hall, is a red and camel guest room that I envisioned as the boys' room.  However, the twin beds in the ya-ya room worked best for the two youngest (5 and 7) when they visited last week.  (A single queen size bed gives them opportunity to "bug each other", you know.)  Since they were only in the ya-ya room to sleep, they didn't mind at all that they were surrounded by a sea of pink and green.

My very favorite feature of this room is this pink and white beaded chandelier.  I think it absolutely makes the room.  Even the bulb is covered with a little beaded jacket.  Perfection!  So imagine when I discovered this............

  a pair of size six, madras plaid boy's shorts hanging off of this treasured light fixture!!!  I know exactly who kicked them off, up into the air, and saw them land on the chandelier.  This was soooooo not how I saw my life happening!  But funny????  You better believe it!!!!  Not what a little girl would do with her Lilly Pulitizer skirt, but exactly what this little charmer would do!  I couldn't be mad.  I could only laugh and laugh.

But this mess in the bathroom is another story!


  1. Linda~ I had a good chuckle over the shorts on your pink beaded chandelier! I have 12 nephews & 1 neice...and the neice I rarely see anymore! We've been thru every superhero phase there is, and don't even get me started on lightsabers & Star Wars :-)

  2. Oh, Linda, this is wonderful! Our Little Man turns 2 this week, and after having two daughters and no sons, he has already been a totally new experience for me. I thought I wouldn't know how to handle a little boy, but now I can't imagine anything else. I can't wait to watch him grow up enough to be kicking his shorts into the air and making a "basket" on the chandelier! What a fun week you surely had! You've given me so much to look forward to -- except for the bathroom mess...


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