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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Orange and White Bridge Luncheon

My sweet bridge group made the trip to the country to join me for lunch today.  I love to have them, as they are so worth spoiling and they seem to appreciate being here.

The front door was a hint of the "theme" of the day.

It is already too hot in Atlanta to use real flowers on this door, as it gets hit with a bit of sun, so I used these cheerful silks.  When have you ever seen a bright orange hydrangea?

We headed to the bar area and had some drinks and nibbles.  This pitcher is filled with Mango green tea spritzers.

I also made a jug of water with orange and lemon slices and mint.  Do you see an orange seed at the bottom?  This is so refreshing.  I don't know why I don't make it just for myself.

Paula Deen would be so proud.  She says that whenever women gather there should be tomato sandwiches!

I just had to use orange tomatoes with this meal. Too much?

These little phyllo cups are filled with a piece of brie cheese and topped with a bit of peach preserves and some almonds.  Bake them for four minutes and they're ready.

We took our drinks outside for a tour of the garden.

These orange and white stripped cushions from Homegoods worked nicely today!

 I'm slowly getting into the succulent craze.

I've had several emails asking me to do a post on the garden and potting shed.  I promise that I will.  I have realized that I might just as well go out and start shooting, because if I wait for the garden to look perfect, I'll grow very old.

I set the table in the dining room, as it is far more comfortable than being outside.  This is our tenth day in a row of over ninety degree heat.  I used a white hotel tablecloth and napkins and added runners that I made of a picnic table sized tablecloth.  It added exactly the graphic punch that I was looking for.

This cloth is just a tad too large for this table, so I gathered the corners with silk ranuculus and a gros grained ribbon.

The dishes were simple.  The white dinner plates are just our everyday, no brand plates and the orange and white banded salad plates came from several Homegoods stores last summer.  I got them for a wedding shower, which I will do a post about in the near future.

I can't remember where I got these square plates which I use for bread and butter plates.  I served a seeded cracker made by an artisan bakery not far from here and made the butter pats in the shape of a sunflower.  These butter knives are part of my mis-matched collection of silverplate.  I promise that they were not as tarnished as they appear in this photo!

 Here are some more pieces with my mother of pearl handled knives.  I only use them when there is nothing substantial to cut, as I don't know how sturdy they are these days.

Thanks to the Graphic Fairy for this "menu" heading.  It made a cute menu card.  I like to put a quote on the card if there is room.  Today's quote is "Summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are as free as their toes".  It reminds me of my sweet girls when they were youngsters.

Here's another example of the high/low mix that I encourage.  This acrylic tumbler that I chose for water mixed just fine with the linen and silver.  Don't be afraid to go there!!!!

Putting these runners on the table meant that some placesettings were on an orange background and some on the white, but these placesettings could hold their own on either.  I found out that is not always the case.

This large square glass vase made enough of a statement for this bold table.  I'm sure you all know the old trick of putting a smaller vase inside so that the decorative fruit is only on the edges.  I should have taken a photo of it.  Then I used a clear glass plate to hold oasis and just set it on top. 

I folded the white napkin pocket style so that it would hold the menu card and placed a kumquat and a small leaf on top.  There are tutorials all over the internet on how to do this.  Here's the orange placesetting.....

and here's the one on white.

Several months ago, Michael's had these cute little plates in their dollar bin and I just knew that I "needed" them for something.  See....I did!  I needed them for salt and pepper dishes.  I paired them with these horn spoons.

This little French style butter dish with the bird on top offered more butter.  Maybe I got carried away with the butter offerings!!!

Just for giggles, and because I thought they were cute, I put a can (yes, a CAN) on the table. 

With a plastic straw.  Yes!  I said plastic.

And it became a drink and a placecard.  I just used scrapbook paper and double faced tape.

The first course was a two melon soup.  It was so refreshing.  The trick of the two tones is to have a small cup of each color in your two hands and pour them in at the SAME time.  Then I garnished with a small melon ball in the opposite color.  This is a very, very, very easy soup.  Did I say it was easy?  Three ingredients....melon, confectioner's sugar, and lime juice.  In the processor.  To taste.  Chill.  See....easy!

But it looks pretty, doesn't it?  Then I served a  salad with lots of goodies and chicken in it.  You'll have to imagine what it looked like, since I forgot to photograph it.  Here's a hint:  it had mandarin oranges in it to "go orange"!  Along with cranberries, a granny smith apple, bleu cheese, avocado, romaine, green onions, and sugared almond slices.

Here's the coffee tray.  I forgot to get a picture of the dessert, too.  Once I start eating, I'm no longer in the mood to photograph, I guess!  Anyhow, dessert was orange mango sorbet served in an antique cut glass liqueur glass with a silver demi-tasse spoon and a mini carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  Just small bites, but yummy.

I put this little Japanese arrangement in one of the guest powder rooms.

And then, with full tummies, we sat down to several games of bridge.  This was pretty typical of my hands!

It was such a special day with special friends.  I feel so blessed to know these women.  I look forward to each and every Tuesday, so we can share our time and what's going on in our lives.  The bridge is good, too!  We seem to be a very compatible group and nobody takes it too seriously.  Thanks for coming, ladies, and as I promised, I kept your photos out of the blog!

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  1. I love this table in orange and all your arrangements are just gorgeous, fun, fresh and cheerful! I love all this orange and china!! The food looks yummy and pretty, too. I'm sure dessert was great! Did you win on the bridge?! Hugs. FABBY

  2. Oh! I just LOVE everything that you have done with this tablescape! I don't even know where to begin lol.. I especially like the cans with the straw place cards, such a cute idea! Your menu cards are adorable and everything just sounds delicious. I could just go on and on :)Thanks for sharing and I hope your week is Plum Perfect!!

  3. I love the whole setting and the flower arrangement with the orange slices. What a fun idea. I have seen those done before, but I never thought of just setting the oasis on the top (with a plate to support) and that keeps everything so nice and neat.

    I love orange. And these ideas could be so easily converted to other colors - yellow them with lemons, etc. How pretty everything looked. I am sure your guests just loved it.

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    Your lunch with the ladies look like so much fun !! I love your Orange and White Tablescapes, with the lovely placesettings and the Menu cards make the table POP. Also the flowers in the vase are so Beautiful sweet lady.Im one of your old followers ~~~ I hope you come see me, have a Great Weeek with your family.

  5. What a beautiful table! I know your bridge friends felt lucky indeed to sit down to such a wonderful lunch in such a pretty setting! Thanks for including all the details!

  6. What a beautiful orange table...I know orange isn't for everyone but it is one of my favorite colors for a table. Love the table runner. Your centerpiece is dazzling.

  7. Wow! Gorgeous, everything from the table to the food! Love it all!!!!

  8. Oh this is delightful~ I'm sure your bridge club was thrilled with the food, the table & the fun! So many wonderful touches, from your door arrangement to the bouqet tied cloth on your table. LOVE your centerpiece with the fruit filled vase! Orange you glad you picked up those adorable plates from Michaels?

  9. Dear ATT,

    When can I come over?

    It all looks lovely.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  10. As one of the lucky ladies who was the recipient of Linda's hospitality this week, I can tell you she has a wonderful way of making her friends feel so-o-o special. We love the way she spoils us and we love you, Linda!!!

  11. This was so fun to read your post of how you prepared this delightful meal and decor for your guests! Love all that orange! You thought of every detail to perfection! The menu sounds yummy (I usually forget to photograph food too once the guests arrive!) and I'm sure the ladies loved the efforts you put into the occasion!


  12. I am not a fan of orange, but you do orange magnificantly. Love those pearl handled napkins.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Wow Linda, What fabulous attention to detail. Absolutely lovely. Your friends are very lucky indeed!
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. i LOVE everything! orange is a fave color!

  15. I adore every inch of the orange theme!!! I'm a Clemosn Tiger and your tablescape is luscious. :) Thanks so much for such beautiful inspiration!

  16. I love your attention to detail! This was beautiful and fun at the same time. I'm sure you all had a great time!

  17. What a fantastic table for your bridge group. I love the floral arrangements and the place card holders. It is all very cute! Thanks for linking it up at HSH!

  18. How gorgeous your orange and white setting is! Love the flowers ~ thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  19. I have made this orange many times for family gatherings, everyone loves it!. It is so full of flavor.

  20. Love this! I’ve pinned it and would love for you to share on our Creative Corner Blog Hop. It starts on Monday’s and is open all week -


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