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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am sooo proud!!!!

As a parent, you know your children are going to pattern what they see you do, and then their children will probably do the same.  Most of the time that is a good thing!  Our oldest daughter was much more interested in playing ball with the boys than cooking, but somehow (maybe by osmosis), she began to love cooking and entertaining.  Oh, we DID despair that she would live with rats under her bed, but her inner Martha Stewart kicked in and she runs a beautiful and clean household.  And most importantly, she is a great mother to the sweetest little nine year old boy on the planet. The photo above is the eggs that he made when he sneaked out of bed on his first day of summer vacation to make a surprise breakfast.  If that isn't sweet enough, would you just look at the garnish he put on the plate?????????? 

Yes!!!!  This tough little football/lacrosse/golf player has picked up the finer points of entertaining already!!!  No, you may NOT have him for your family! 

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