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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Things Are More Important Than Blogging

If it seems to you followers that I'm missing a blog this week, I have the best reason!  I have been visited by my two "Fabulous Friends".  One from L. A. and one from Dallas.  That sounds fabulous already, doesn't it? 

the living daylight

We've had three days of love and laughter that will feed my memory bank for a long, long time. 

Years have gone by since we were all three together, but we have stayed current on what's happening in each other's lives, not through "gossip", but genuinely sharing and caring. 

These women are smart, remarkable mothers and there's nothing I appreciate more.  I knew their children when they were very small and it's so much fun to learn how each has evolved into adulthood.  They have maneuvered through days of smooth sailing as well as days of stormy seas, but their dedication to their families and loved ones has always been steadfast.

We did a lot of shopping and eating.  And then we took some time for an educational and sobering tour of the Martin Luther King Center. 

Where do we go from here

But through it all, we talked and talked and talked.  We shared our losses, our hopes, our plans for the future and gave each other hope and advise.

Real friends can lift you up and ground you at the same time.


I am so grateful for their visit and the support I feel from these women.

Come back soon, girls!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a truly wonderful tribute to your friends! I love the pictures you put in, too!!!


  2. This is great!! I love it, I might love to do the same for mine. Fabulous tribute and so much fun!! Thank you for coming by...I did these china when my daughter got married, my hubby owned a Ceramic Co. where I worked in the designs, he since sold the co. 3 yrs ago, now we're semi-retired. I had around 15 designs, inspired in the Ecuadorian embroidery clothing of the native people. I've posted around 5 designs before, but this one is my fav. Come again. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  3. That's the best reason for not posting I can think of!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. Love you LL! xoxo

  5. Our lives change daily,we never know what exciting things are ahead,and sometimes so very sad, but most times fun and laughs, glad you had ton's of fun with your friends.


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