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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Potting Shed

LaurieAnna has a blog party for Farmhouse Friday's!  I thought I'd do a re-peat of a post I did last summer on our potting shed.  Hope you enjoy.  Thanks, LaurieAnna!

My last post was on our cutting garden.  You can read about it here.  It sits in a pasture in front of our house.

Would you like a peek inside?

We painted it to match our house.

I found this French agricultural award plaque in Cashiers, Georgia.

My good friend gave me this door knocker for Christmas.  Isn't it cute?  It's fashioned like pruners!

I'm not sure where this fragment came from.

We added these iron straps to make the rounded doors have a little more interest.

So, step in and I'll show you around.

This was just an empty room when we bought it, but we had this old cupboard from remodeling a kitchen several houses ago.  Mr. Pressed Pants had used it as a workbench.  We put it in here and had a sink put into the top and tiled it.  Then we had water run in when we added irrigation to the garden.    

A pretty little bird holds a hand towel with acorns, of course!

Lots of soap and a dish to hold rings.

I have used baskets like this for many flower arrangements.  This ones holds projects that I'm working on. 

Above that, I hung the top of an old rake that holds hanging tools.

No working shed is complete without bugspray and gloves.  These nest prints are on metal.

These sconces have been looking for a home forever, it seems.

A simple nail holds the twine.

I try not to go crazy with birdhouses, but this one gets to stay inside here. 

Inexpensive metal shelves are covered with this grain sack printed burlap piece.

I acquired these birdcages somewhere along our travels and they stay on the top shelf for decoration.

This interesting basket holds chicken wire and miscellaneous tools.

I keep potting soil in this old copper boiler.

 This table was a curb-side rescue when we were first married.  It has probably been ten different colors.  I skirted it with tension rods and store cushions under it.  The tiny refrigerator holds bottled water and wine with cups and corkscrew in the basket above.  It comes in handy when we have drinks or dinner in the garden.

Here's a closeup of the fabric.  You see birds here again. 

On the other side of the door are some old wooden shelves.

I can't remember what this wire piece was originally used for, but I hang seed packets on it so that I can refer to them from time to time.

This little plaster plaque has been with me a long time.

Here's that window from the inside.  You can see an apron I brought back from France that I keep hanging beside it. 

This wall is floor to ceiling wire shelving.  It isn't very attractive, so I covered it with an old shower curtain made of Osborne and Little fabric and wooden beads.  You can see the round table that we set up for dinner out in the sitting area.

Told ya it wasn't pretty back there!!! 

This canvas bucket is perfect for weeding.  Can you see that very important kneeling pad hanging under it?

This French flower bucket holds stakes and bamboo. 

I'm thinking about painting the floor in a green and brown diamond pattern.  What do you think? 

This uninspired fixture was supposed to be a darling little chandelier, but this is a true working shed and I needed good light. Besides, living in Georgia, believe me, I find this fan a real blessing. 

Let's spend a while in the garden.  Water or wine??  Bugspray??? 

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  1. I love the potting shed - always wanted one!

    Ideas: You could make your little fridge really cute by decopaging (sp?) seed packets or some garden themed art work onto it. Make it blend a little better. In the old rusty sconce you could store hand lotion on one side and maybe sunscreen on the other side. Might be cute to dress it up and give it a purpose.

  2. It is my dream to one day have a potting shed! Yours looks like to much fun to spend time in! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really enjoyed the tour! It is all so charming=especially the lace on the window and the flowerbox below.


  4. I love what you have done! It is a very fancy potting shed. You have it so well organized. A great place to spend time!

  5. You have a very stylish potting shed! Thanks for the priviledge of seeing it!

  6. My dream garden shed which I will have in my next lifetime. tee hee
    Joyce M

  7. Very cool potting shed! And I loved your idea of the old rake holding the hand tools! Beautiful!

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  8. I think you have a great potting shed. I love all the details. What a neat idea to use an old rake head to hang tools.

  9. What a wonderful visit! Thank you for sharing your space.

  10. This is just the best potting shed ever! All of the little touches make it so homey and perfect. I love the rack you use to hang your seed packets. I have no general place for packets of seeds and, as a consequence, am continually losing them. I've been wanting to plant bottle gourd seeds, but can't find them. I did, however, manage to find the pea seeds and now it's too late to plant a spring crop.

  11. Oh I'm so glad to see into this adorable potting shed after glimpsing it on your garden walk post the other day! I adore your pruning shears door knocker! Painting the floor would a wonderful touch if you were ambitious enough to tackle it! Thank you for the tour!

  12. Your potting shed was adorable when I saw it for myself, but this tour of the details was a
    treat!! Love all your cleaver gizzmos...the
    bird towel holder, the rake, the weeding bucket, the shower curtain, the potting soil container etc. Working there would be great fun!!! MJ

  13. Wonderful potting shed, makes me want to run out and clean mine up....make the mice move out...ugh...but you have given me inspiration to get going on it.....loved seeing all your collected things and how you have used them!!

  14. I wish i could buy your house :) And I'm serious.

  15. Great shed, great ideas. Our 5-sided gazebo does double-duty as potting shed and wood shed. Recently began a re-vamp, so some of your ideas may be quite useful. Guess maybe the project is worth a before-in process and after blog. Thanks!

  16. Wow this is my kind of shed! It's larger than I thought it was. I like the cute ways you've found to hang things like the tines on the rake! We have a storage barn I'd like to convert to be my gardening shed. Great inspiration here!


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