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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do We Have an Ansel Adams in the Family?

Isn't this a beautiful photo?  It's absolutely pin-worthy, isn't it?

Well, this handsome 11 year-old took these pictures!  He's my precious grandson, Adam, and last weekend, at a family picnic, he took my camera outside with the other kids.  I had no idea what he was doing, but, I must admit I had a momentary vision of him falling into the pond with it!!!!  

Just loooook at this!  Isn't it beautiful?  These pictures are completely unedited.  

Who knew he would even notice the flowers?

Roses in the rain.

The last hydrangea.

A single peach. 

What do we have here?

Posing for the glamour shot.

And like a responsible photographer, he returned his subject it's natural habitat.

I'm so proud of him for a million different reasons.  He's fun-loving, but responsible and he has such a good heart.  And he really, really loves his momma.  This little guy will grow up to do something special.  Who says football players can't be artistic?


  1. Yes, indeed! These images are gorgeous. It's refreshing that this young man sees the beauty in flowers. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Way to go, Adam! I recognize the picnic location? I bet you had fun with this special guy. Did he and the other boys get to come to Camp N-B?

  3. Today's kids our creative and artistic in their own way that we wouldn't thought.Like my son he loves to draw and paint,I noticed him late last year when he started to looked for old paint brush and boards.
    Great job Adam!

  4. Maybe Adam could give me some photography tips! He's a cutie, and Amy looks terrific :)

  5. He took some amazing photos. He's so cute.


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