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Friday, May 17, 2013

Robin for Lunch

One of the sweetest women I have ever met came for lunch one day a while ago, and I am just getting around to posting about it.  Frankly, my interest in blogging has been waning, and family stuff has taken precedence, but today, I want to share with you a very special afternoon.

All Things Heart and Home
Several years ago, when I first started blogging, I was struck to discover that one of the bloggers that I had been following lived in my little town, north of Atlanta.  I was thrilled to get together with her and found her delightful and inspirational.  Time passed and I thought about her fondly, but it was just this April when she accepted my invitation for lunch.  It's Robin from "All Things Heart and Home"!!!!!  

Here's the table I set in my breakfast room for the two of us.  After I showed her around our home, we sat down and chatted like old friends.  We shared about our lives, our loves, our children, and all of our precious grandchildren.  How refreshing it was to be with a woman of such depth and class and quality.  Her faith is real and so is her joy for life, and I treasured every minute that we shared.

From following her blog, I knew Robin was a girly-girl, so I chose to start planning the table with my Grandmother's Haviland china.

Grandma's name was Rose Ellie, and mine is Linda, so I guess I was meant to get her Rosalinde pattern.  She gave it to us as a wedding present and it is so special to me.

Here it is on a soft green dupioni silk cloth.

I picked up the pink roses and lavender in the pattern for the centerpiece.

Since this was a small table for two, I kept the arrangement small and low in this pink tole cachepot.  A little bit of lamb's ear softened it just a touch.

I also wanted to use this majolica patterned plate, so that is what I chose for dessert which was a lemon curd pavlova with raspberry sauce.

Just for photos, I stacked these with green depression glass plates and a pink cabbage leaf plate, which I actually used as a bread and butter plate.

A pink linen napkin was held in a silk apple blossom holder and I chose this French flatware with cream handles. 

This pink etched cranberry glass held water.

Here's the cabbage plate.

The accessories included these Imperial glass salt and peppers,

a pink LuRay platter with Waterford cream and sugar,

and a French glass water bottle that I placed in a Waterford wine coaster. 

I embellished things just a bit with these little paper boxes since it was just before Easter.

And, as a little take-home favor, I made a packet of embossed bunny tail stationery for her.  Robin is such an accomplished DIYer, that I thought she would appreciate it! 

It was such a pleasure to host this lovely woman, and even though it's been a while since we were together, I'm still thinking about our conversation.  Thanks, Robin.....let's do it again soon.


  1. What fun to meet a sister blogger! Your table is gorgeous and feminine. I am always thrilled to see one set with Rosalinde, my mother-in-law's chosen pattern that now belongs to my daughter. I love the flowers you arranged to complement the colors!

  2. I agree with Tricia: It's a terrific treat to be able to meet a fellow blogger in person under any circumstances. To be able to actually sit down to break bread together in the relaxed atmosphere of your home is 100 times better!!!

    You put on a nice luncheon for the two of you. I can't help but to think Robin felt super special for all the special touches you created to honor her presence. Those roses were delicate and pretty, just like the china they were chosen to complement. Adding the lamb's ear (especially around Easter time!) was a REALLY neat touch!

    I'm so happy the 2 of you had a chance to meet and chat, and that the memories will continue to bring you joy!

  3. I am so jealous that you met Robin in person! She is one of my favorite bloggers and person! Sher is so kind and thoughtful too. Your table was beautiful, perfect for Robin! The china is so pretty and priceless that it was your grandmother's. So glad you got to do this. XO, Pinky

  4. It is a treat to meet a blogging friend in person. Glad you two had that opportunity. Your table is perfectly set. I love the pinks and greens in your stack of dishes. Thanks for sharing this beautiful lunch.

  5. What a beautiful lunch. It would be so much fun to meet a blogger you admired and follow? Most of my favorite bloggers live half way across the country ( you included) :D

  6. How did I miss this?????? I came right over today when I got the email about your friend the Turkey and I wanted to go over your posts to see if I'd missed any...and here's our wonderful lunch!!!! It was a perfect afternoon and I stayed way too long because you, my friend are the perfect hostess and your home is so completely delightful :)
    sending love xoxo


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