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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You Call This a "Dusting"?????

How did this beautiful "dusting" of snow........

Michael King/WXIA-TV via The Weather Channel Facebook
turn into THIS????
If you've seen the national news, you've heard about Snowmagaedon in Atlanta.  I thought I was terribly inconvenienced when it took me 3 hours to make what is usually a 15 minute drive, but when I hear about people who were 22 hours getting home and children who never did get home from school, I'm done whining.

I thought I was going to do a sweet post about our snow and get a little humor about how Atlantans panic at the thought of a wee bit of snow.  

This photo that I took yesterday is the only photo I have ever taken of our whole house from the driveway in the snow.  The few times we have had measurable snow, I've never gotten this view.  This was taken on my cell phone as I came up our driveway after that 3 hour drive, so it is not very good quality!

I'd like to give a great big hug to every teacher who comforted a scared child, every policeman who tended to the many, many accidents, every snowplow driver who made pass after pass on those treacherous roads, every store manager who opened their property for bathroom breaks and aisles to sleep in, and every school bus driver who sweated delivering that precious cargo.  Bravo!

There's no way Atlanta can prepare adequately for this kind of weather.  We just don't have the resources.  This will scare us into orbit next time bad weather is expected! 


  1. I cannot believe Atlanta has turned into NJ weather!! WHat s going on? I hope it warms up soon!

  2. I was lucky to get home in an hour and a half because I took MARTA but even MARTA was a mess. A colleague, with her two year old in the car, stayed with us after 8 hours in the car. I issued an appeal to neighbors to round up diapers and goods and we felt lucky.

  3. I'm sure this thing scared the poop out of a whole lot of people! If there IS a next time, I'm guessing a lot of folks will take it VERY seriously and just not leave the house. Schools will close (as they do here) and it'll be a ghost town until it's safe to come back out again. I know it's not financially prudent to keep on hand the kind of equipment we have here in the Midwest to battle back when these storms hit, so I just don't know what the answer is. There's been a lot of blame being tossed around for the debacle, but I think Mother Nature is the one to look at in this case. People were going to go out in it regardless. It's human nature to test limits.

    Here's hoping the sun comes out, the temps move upward, and that this never happens again. Have a good weekend!


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