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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Stags and Plaid

See anything new????  Yep, my sweet mom gave me these awesome antler plates (from Pottery Barn) for Christmas!  How did she know????

Oh, yeah, baby!  I LOVE them!

I used many things I already had out from previous tables this season, and since I love stags and antlers and faux bois, these were fantastic.  I even already had the plaid tablecloth (from Homegoods) on the dining room table.   I added plaid plates from Target, and wicker chargers from World Market.

I promise that these napkins were not this sickly green that they photographed, but a classic hunter green.  Of course, I used these stag napkin rings from Boxwoods.  You can see another table I set with these earlier this season here.

This hardworking flatware was super with this.

And this glassware just begged to join the party.

Even though there were only three of us, I couldn't resist using these placecard holders.  Mr. Pressed Pants pretended to look and look for his seat!  

These faux bois salt and pepper shakers and the black forest bear were naturals here. 

I slid the pointsettia and candlesticks around ninety degrees to make the end of the table seem more intimate. 

Of course, these stags were added.

My mom will be here a few more weeks, and since she loves to play with dishes more than anyone, that's exactly what we'll be doing.  Nothing like Mother/Daughter bonding, right?

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  1. Beautiful! I love the dishes and the plaid cloth, my fav! I love the glasses and napkin rings to match; very pretty. I love it!!! Happy New Year!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!! OOuuhh I just might have to copy You.Perfect for Me too-Thanks for sharing.Denise

  3. Hi Linda, You are so lucky to have you mother there and have a dish-playmate! The stag antler plates are wonderful and go so well with all the tartan. Happy New Year! Linda

  4. Your Mom is one of the coolest Moms on the face of this Earth!!!! Those plates R-O-C-K!!! I love the way you paired them with the plaid plates and that rattan charger! I mean, pretty!!!!!

    I think it's so neat that your Mom enjoys playing in the dishes just as much as you do! Please have your Mom call my Mom and give her some pointers! :-) Have fun, you guys!

  5. Wonderful antler plates! She did well; love all of the details on your table.

  6. My kind of table though I haven't created an antler table this year, so beautiful. The plates are such thoughtful gifts. I have those napkin ring but I love you place card holders!. Happy new Year!...Christine

  7. Those new plates were meant for you. I hadn't seen them, so thanks for sharing. They look terrific with the tartan plates and rattan chargers, both of which I have too. Hmmmm, perhaps I need to find some antler plates. ;-)
    The napkin rings and place card holders are really cute.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  8. Crazy about all of the plaid! Also, your deer motif is wonderful! Hope you and your mother have a wonderful time together - happy new year!!

  9. Love this table. Wonderful stag horns, all of them!

    Thanks for celebrating the New Year at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Your lovely whimsical table made me happy but thinking about how much my late mother would have enjoyed tablescaping with me made me a little sad. I'm glad you can enjoy your time with your mom!

  11. LOVE the antler plates!!! What a great tablescape!


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