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Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day '14

Yesterday, I wanted to honor the most wonderful, devoted father, Mr. Pressed Pants.  There's not a man alive who loves his girls more, or is prouder of his children.  Since they are 750 miles away, it falls to me to make him feel special and pampered.  

After church and a round of golf, we grilled steaks and lobster tails and enjoyed a lovely evening on the back deck. 

I wanted to use something that looked masculine, so I chose these bird plates on a green and brown table.  Last year, I used the fish plates that this company makes, and the table was very similar.  You can see that table here.

I've probably had these plates 8-10 years, but they are probably still available.

Each plate and salad plate has a different bird on it, and I just love the acorn and oak leaf border.

I used a wicker charger, and this plaid dupioni runner over a brown cloth.  This flatware is used so often, it's a wonder it isn't worn out.  I got these soup bowls at Tuesday Morning several years ago, but I'm using them as salad bowls here.

These glasses are often used, too.  The green wines are from a wonderful gift shop in Atlanta called Swoosie's, and the brown etched glasses are from the Bobby Flay line at Kohl's.

The little tapas plates make good bread and butter plates.  

This salad bowl is one of several serving pieces I have for this pattern......

and this sugar and creamer are others.

I gave a quick look around the garden for some flowers, but there were none blooming yet in the right colors, so I started with some foliage from a Japanese maple and added several shades of hosta and some herbs.  I think the fennel foliage adds a lovely texture.  I slipped it all into a faux bois vase and grounded it all with a twig tray and a primative wooden decoy.

These wonderful old wooden candlesticks added a little drama and some much needed light after dusk.

This was a cozy little dinner with colors that looked more like fall than early summer, but it seemed appropriate for Father's Day.

We sit on 7 acres, so it was private and quiet.

There weren't even any geese on the lake.

But the frogs were going crazy!

This is the other end of the deck,

and this is the chimney between the French doors that lead into the living room.  The ferns are struggling after the cold winter we had, but they are slowly coming back.

You can see another table I set in the woods with these dishes here, but this one was just for my sweet, sweet guy.



  1. Linda,
    Your tables are always beautiful and this one is no exception. I love the setting for your deck and the wonderful meals you enjoy there.
    P.S. I have had Portmerion Botanic Gardens for 30+ years and still enjoy using them.

  2. Hi there, Linda! Great to see you back with another beautiful tablescape!

    I think the Universe worked in your favor where your floral arrangement is concerned. Everything you gathered became the perfect "guy's" floral arrangement! Putting it in the faux bois vase just made it that much more manly.

    I didn't realize you sit on 7 acres. Wow! That's wonderful! You must be able to draw from that tranquility and enjoy it to the fullest! I love our neighbors who are mere steps away dearly, but I would be very, very happy with this kind of solitude! :-)

  3. Linda, your alfresco setting is stunning. What a beautiful spot! The details and colors of this table are perfect to honor the father of your children. Well done!

  4. Wonderful it all. The plates, the table runner, the is all lovely and works so well together.

  5. It looks like you created a great table for Mr. Pressed Pants (love that!) The wildlife dishes are perfect in the setting!


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