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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bonjour, Bestie!

It's always a special time when my best friend, Lesesne, comes to visit!  But, even though I want to spoil her, we never take the time to entertain her very well.  We don't take time to cook or set pretty tables, since we just want to shop, shop, shop, and show her some of our favorite restaurants.

But, I did set a fun breakfast table one morning.  Since she and her sweet husband were our tour guides for our trip to France, (my most favorite trip ever), and we share our love for all things French, I decided to use these "Bonjour" plates by HomeEssentials.

I snapped these photos in the a.m. instead of waiting for the sun to provide me with good light.

These Eiffel Tower stems were perfect for juice, or, in her case, a Diet Coke!!

And the napkins were some we bought at a market day vendor in Provence.  Then I added this cobalt blue handled flatware.

I had this bouquet of sunflowers outside, so I just brought it inside.  Is there a flower more French than the lovely sunflower?

The milk for our cereal was poured from this fun little bottle that I got at World Market.

This creamer is a pewter cow from Pierre Deux.  I love how any drip falls into this little bowl.

And the salt and pepper came from another piece from Pierre Deux.  I really miss this store. 

It was a quick bite before hitting the antique shops and ADAC.

These blue lined plates and bowls are so versatile.  They can look All-American, French, or English. And they go with almost any color. 

We just have one thing to say........

"Come back SOON, Lesesne"

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  1. I think your friend will be impressed with your lovely table. I always think of France when I see iris...never would have thought of sunflowers...guess I will now!
    Enjoy your visit with your friend, Linda.

  2. This table is so pretty. I love those napkins and that bouquet is breathtaking. Lovely!

  3. Great table for breakfast with friends. Hoping to get to France one day!

  4. I think this is one of the most charming breakfast table setting! Every detail makes me smile. I'd love to start the day sitting at this table. Boy do I ever miss Pierre Deux! Have fun with your friends.

  5. What a delightful breakfast table! I love the blue and yellow accents, and sunflowers always put a smile on my face! I know your friends felt warmly welcomed by this table.

  6. I would love to be treated to a table like this for breakfast ~ so pretty. Love the dishes!

  7. Such a pretty table, I'm sure your friend loved waking up to that wonderful setting. How fun to be hitting favorite shops with a good friend that enjoys same.

  8. What a sweet, sweet gesture to create this pretty table in all things French for your friend! I know she must have been tickled pink! Or tickled French blue! :-)

    The dishes are 100% sublime! I LOVE those! Living in middle America, you just have to know that those cows caught my eye right away!!! A lot of people refer to Kansas City as a "cow town", and I take that as an absolute compliment rather than the insult I'm sure it's meant to be. These dishes are proof positive that cows are cool!!!

    The salt & cute!!! What a great store that must have been!

    Thank you for sharing this with us all! I hope Lesesne returns soon!


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