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Saturday, October 25, 2014

"The Kids' Table" at Pheasant Dinner Party

We had a dinner party last week and the guest list exceeded the space at the dining room table.  This little table for four in the breakfast room held the extra four guests.  We called it the "kids' table" and frankly, these four were a bit rowdy.

The dining room table was set very similarly to this table that I did a few years ago, so I won't do another post on it.  I even served just about the same menu.  I wanted this table to have the same unfussy feel that the main table had. 

I started with a tablecloth that I bought at Target.  They have some really good colors now, and I loved this shade of green.  Then I used off white plates also from Target and the salad plate is Kashmir Leopard. There was no room for chargers.  

This flatware worked well on the dark cloth.  It is from Martha Stewart's line at K-mart that I bought many years ago.

I really felt that the table needed some pattern to bring this all together.  I got this linen fabric from a decorating line and just hemmed it for napkins.  The napkin ring is sort of a tortoise shell pattern that came from Boxwoods.  Each one is a bit different and I loved the way it brought the colors and patterns together.

I've shown these glasses many times.  The green stem is from Swoozie's and the tortoise is such an old pattern that I forget where I got them.

A couple of years ago, I picked up lots of miscellaneous pieces of this pattern at the floral wholesaler.  I used these little dishes as bread and butter plates here, but I often put them out as appetizer plates as well.  The platters in this design are great sizes and I've used them a lot, too.

Here's a close-up of the colors in the napkins.

This is an overhead of the table.  As you can see, it was pretty crowded, but doesn't that make the group a bit more intimate?

I really like the way the the centerpiece came together.  I used a very creamy rose, spider mums that are almost tan, green kermit mums, green hypericum berries, a few faux acorns, and real lady apples.  Aren't they cute?  Then I decided that I needed to put a bit of brown in it and added pheasant feathers.  The centerpiece for the big table was a pheasant, so this also helped to tie the tables together.

This simple pot is from Smith and Hawkin.  Don't you miss that store?  The line that Target carries just isn't the same.

I'm still looking for some more of these little acorn salt and pepper shakers from Michael's.  Their size is perfect for this little table.

Yep, this just wouldn't be the same without the pattern from the napkins.  I'm glad I bought enough fabric for eight napkins and a runner.

Here's just a little vignette from the bar.  This platter was too perfect to even use for food!  

I really don't think that Mr. Pressed Pants and the three guests minded sitting at this table.  We did all get together for dessert.


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  1. The colors are so perfect for this time of year. And don't you just love having a kids table! When I was a child I hated being assigned to the little people's table but as an adult there's something kind of exciting about being seating at the rowdy table!

  2. The table is so pretty, it could very well be used for adults too...Christine

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful! I now have a serious crush on the green and brown combo you used!

  4. Love the colours you've used to create this fab tablescape! When the "extra" table looks just as good as the main one, guests don't mind having to sit elsewhere!

  5. What a great table! I LOVE the colors, and you're so right about the pattern on the napkins: perfect!! And your centerpiece is the highlight. Don't you just love fall colors?
    Just lovely..... Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  6. Such a pretty table! I am sure your family with enjoy gathering there. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  7. That’s just awesome. Your kid’s table décor is fantastic. It reminded me of a dinner party that I attended at one of local Seattle venues. it was thrown by my best friend. Only our old friends were there for the party and we all enjoyed a lot.


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