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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Pheasant Dinner Party

We had the most lovely people for dinner Saturday night.  In keeping with the fall season, I used a reproduction  Black Forest carved pheasant as part of the centerpiece, and a theme for the table.  It is made from a resin composite, but it has a rustic, unrefined quality that keeps this tablescape from being too stuffy. 

I started with a cream and taupe damask tablecloth that I got from Pottery Barn last year.  Note the oak leaves and acorns!!!!  Love it!!!  These colors keep the tablescape cooler than most fall collections.

Since I only had six taupe straw ruffled placemats, I used cream linen under the placesettings at the ends of the table.  The cream plates from Crate and Barrel are embossed with oak leaves and acorns.  They don't carry them anymore, unfortunately, because I would love to replace the one I broke.  I topped them with these dark brown pottery salad plates from Target.

Tennille and Company carries these etched glasses that I used for water.  Acorns, again!  Then I used plain stemmed glasses from Tiffany's for wine.

I've also used these dark brown linen napkins quite a few times, but this time I put these carved bone napkin rings at some placesettings and celluloid rings with others.

I love the detail on these painted metal placecard holders.  The bittersweet makes them wonderful on a fall table.  This is one guest who couldn't make it, but I really, really wish she could have.  Maybe soon!

Here's the centerpiece.  I sat it in the center of an oasis ring. 

Most of these flowers are real, but I added some artificial items like the bittersweet, acorns, velvet leaves, wheat, and velvet seed pods.

I tried to restrain the color palate to keep the tones pale and subdued, but I wasn't able to find the exact flowers I was looking for. 

This is a close up of this same "scape" I did last year, and I was more successful in limiting my colors and tones in this arrangement.  I like it much better.

These old wooden candlesticks are filled with faux bois candles.  They are actually dark brown, but look a little striped in this afternoon sunlight.

 These woven straw wine coasters are hard workers, too.

Here's the whole table.  We actually had too many guests to fit at one table, so we used the one in the breakfast room for four more.  We teased that group that they were at the "kid's table".  I'll post about that table soon.  It was another green and brown arrangement.  I promise I'm about done with those colors.  I'm afraid you don't think I can do anything other than green and brown.  I'm about ready to move on!  

I almost never use paper products, but these cocktail napkins were just too perfect to pass up. 

Here's the coffee tray.  Since we were split up for dinner, the whole group got back together in the living room for coffee.

This teapot was a hostess gift a year or so ago.  Sometimes people really hit the nail on the head.  I absolutely love it!

With the leftover flowers, I made a small arrangement for in one of the guest bathrooms.  Doesn't that wallpaper look like the dining room tablecloth?  It's my very favorite wallpaper pattern.  It's a classic Osborne and Little design and I've had it in three houses and in two colorways.

This black tole display piece holds more gourds and mini pumpkins in the living room.

This little arrangement went into the other guest bath. 


Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates
Topped with Walnuts

Roasted Pear Salad with Saga Blue Cheese

Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Fall Fruits
Rosemary Oven Roasted Heirloom Potatoes
Carrot Souffle

Pumpkin Bread Pudding with
Caramel Sauce

I'm linking up with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday blog party, and the Style Sisters' Centerpiece Wednesday party.  Be sure to visit them and you'll be amazed at the creativity you'll see.


  1. Lovely. I love your table. I love the green and brown and really never get tired of it. The tablecloth is wonderful. I really love those placemats on the end.

  2. Gorgeous table and the menu has me salivating. Beautiful post!
    ~ Sarah

  3. I loved your tablescape - it has me thinking of what I will do at out lake house for Thanksgiving - it's our first Thanksgiving at the lake and I wanted to make it special. The brown theme is perfect - love the brown candles!

  4. There is one sweet pickle here in Orlando that would love to be there as well. Beautiful table as usual. I have to admit, that seeing your reference to the "kids table" brought back a flood of memories. I have a feeling that if Pickle and 3 other handsome young men were invited to dinner that they would be at the dining room table and the 3 moms would be at the "kids table"!!! But we would have a great time. Hugs to you, UPP, and the other 2 moms.

  5. Not sure where to begin but this is one gorgeous table. I love, love, love the brown plates and ruffled placemats. The tablescloth and stemware are so pretty. You did a great job combining everything and the brown color theme is just perfect for this time of year. Yours is my favorite tablescape so far today!

  6. Oh, that tablecloth is fabulous! It really sets the "stage" for your pretty fall table. I, for one, am not tired of your green and brown. Fall is all too short, and we move quickly to holiday tables, so let's enjoy fall colors while we can! Such a pretty centerpiece!

  7. Oh, this is a lovely table! I won't tire of a green and brown color scheme. Your tablecloth is so pretty. I love the whole feel of this table.

  8. Linda, I love the browns and greens on your table. Those placemats (both styles) are absolutely beautiful! And the menu sounds yummy, especially the pork tenderloin with fall fruits!! I've seen that wallpaper --my best friend has used it too, in two homes--and it is special. Linda

  9. Yummy table! That table linen is fabulous!!!

  10. Dang post office! My invitation must have been lost in the mail! Gorgeous, sophisticated tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  11. That looks beautiful! Lucky guests. If we have more than 14 I can't fit them at the main table either, so dh and I pick a few to join us at the smaller table. I make it match the main table though.:)
    I am sure your guests were thrilled with all the touches you added for them!

  12. Oh, how wonderful and now you have me dreaming of Pumpkin Bread Pudding and Caramel Sauce! Yummy!



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