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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Dinner Party 2010

I've been know to celebrate nothing more than the sun coming up in the morning, but the truth is, the one dinner party I feel I really must give each year is for Halloween.

Many of the dishes and accessories I use are really non-holiday specific, but when put together, they work for this holiday.  I really don't care for the over-the-top look where every single thing is screaming "Halloween". 

Starting with a black tablecloth, I next use an orange straw placemat for contrast.  Then I use a French wire charger.

Doesn't it look like a spider web?

These napkins are vintage.

Plastic fangs can be found at any party store.  I like to use them for napkin rings.  Yes, our guests have been known to be smiling at each other with them in their mouths!

My very favorite flatware is this antique silverplate collection of mis-matched pieces.  I just stay with the same shape and buy whatever pieces I run across.  Our sterling stays in the bank lockbox and I use this almost every time I would use sterling.  I think it is so much more interesting.

See?  Same shape spoon handle.  This one even has our initial on it.  Then I chose knives with mother-of-pearl handles.  I don't use these if I'm serving beef, or anything hard to cut since these do not have a very sharp blade.

I always try to find persimmons for this dinner party's centerpiece and I was surprised to find them at Krogers this year.  These were actually much fresher than the ones at the floral wholesaler.

They look so much like baby pumpkins.

Then I found orange roses and put them in two chippendale-style cachepots.

They really show up against the black tablecloth.

These water glasses are etched and trimmed with black.  They are from Homegoods, and the wine glasses are Waterford, the Lismore pattern.

I just love these zinc tombstone-shaped placecards.  I found them at a darling store called Stash Style in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  I just write on them with chalk.  I couldn't find any white chalk last night, so I used yellow.

I've had these salt and pepper shakers for years.  When our girls were little, they would even try to eat pepper on their food just to use the black cat.

How about this wine bottle? Christian Audigier designed this for Montpeyroux Estates. It's a 2006 Syrah from France.  We don't usually get so excited about "the perfect wine" but this sure is the perfect bottle!!!!

There were seven of us for dinner, as the husband of one guest is in Kenya on a mission for the House of Hope.  It's an orphanage that the United Methodist Church is supporting and I respect him so much for his work there.

A friend of mine who knows how we love to entertain for Halloween gave me this great apron.  It is made by her friend, Laurelei. I bought another one of her designs for my daughter for Christmas.

Look at how perfect this is.  Sparkly orange print fabric and these fabulous trims.  I love it!

These glasses were waiting for our guests out in the bar.  This tea towel was a gift from another friend.

These are more vintage napkins.  They are the perfect cocktail size.

Pardon my shadow in this one.

This is the way I served water.  The labels are from Martha Stewart's line from Michael's.

Here's the way the coffee tray looked.  The cream and sugar set is from T.J.Maxx, I think, from many years ago.

The coffee cups are by Waechterbach and come in four different designs.

The living room had a small facelift for the evening.  It was too warm for a fire, but this candelabra gave the same ambiance a fire would have.  I always have one candle that has a mind of it's own, don't I?

I glittered these bones last year. Sorry, Barb.  (She hates glitter!)

These are just grocery store mums in my new French pot. 

Here's a close-up of the candelabra.  I think it came from Michael's a few years ago.  I have another identical one that I didn't put out this year.

In the guest bathroom, I gave this sconce a little Halloween decor too.

The corner shelf unit got a lift from a small pot of mums,........

and this vulture eying a pumpkin.

And another thing I have tons of are guest hand towels.  Just one small thing that makes them feel welcome, I hope.

Spiced Pecans
Savory Pumpkin Puffs
(Martha Stewart on-line)
Surprise Salad
(see my post from Oct. 28)
Cajun Beach Shrimp
(The Summer Book by Susan Branch)
Roasted Corn, Mushroom and
Spinach Risotto
Pita Bread "Bones"
Pumpkin Sponge Cake Roll
with Molasses Filling

I'm linking up with Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday blog party.  Please hop over here and see all the fabulous posts of some very creative bloggers.


  1. Linda, what a gorgeous table for an elegant Halloween dinner party! I love all the wonderful touches -- the "spiderweb" chargers, the stems of persimmons, the orange roses -- all stunning!

  2. Linda, I've been waiting to see your Halloween table. It looks perfect for the occasion. I agree that the dishes pull together perfectly without screaming Halloween. The persimmons, orange roses, and the other special details set a beautiful table. Thanks for sharing your table and wonderful menu. ~ Sarah

  3. I love Halloween decor with class and you've captured it perfectly! You have just the right amount of themed items and they pair perfectly with your everyday things in the appropriate colours. Great idea to get the persimmons and the roses look great alongside. My fave part are the tombstone place-markers and how you wrote "Here sits...."! I laughed out loud!


  4. What a fun night, you thought of everything! I saw the persimmons once before but didn't know what they were-thanks! I know you all had a great time:@)

  5. There were so many great parts to this table. The persimmons were probably my favorite. They DO look like mini pumpkins and are a wonderful centerpiece.

    I also liked the place cards. "Here sits Gary" made me chuckle. Such a cute little addition.

    All around, just great.

  6. Oh, you really paid such fabulous attention to detail with this. I adore the persimmon centerpiece... how clever! And the cute embroidered napkins and the bottles labeled poison.... I could go on and on because you just did a super job here. And I adore your silverplate from different collections. That makes it so interesting! And all the cuteness in the powder room... you just did a killer job. No pun intended. LOL!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  7. I do believe this is the most elegant Halloween tablescape and party decor I have ever seen! I love it! The glittered bones are a riot!

  8. Oh I love this! What a great Halloween gathering -- so much inspiration there (hope to remember this for next year!

  9. The table is beautifully set!!! I salute your use of the French wire charger. It really DOES resemble a spider web while adding a dose of sophistication. Well done!!!

  10. Linda what a wonderful table! I'd like to be a guest at your Halloween dinner. Maybe next year???? By the way, I like the glittered bones and skull...I just couldn't touch it. Glitter phobia!!!!!!
    Barb B.

  11. So many unique accessories! The table is fabulous, and I'm sure the dinner was, too!

  12. What a gorgeous Halloween table! Love the wire chargers! You've accessorized this perfectly - love the tombstone placecards!

  13. I love your table. What a terrific statement to use what you have. Your vignettes make quite the statement too.

  14. Your Halloween decorations were spootkacular!!! Loved all of it :o)

  15. I LOVE that French wire charger. I've not seen anything like it before.

  16. I admire a Halloween table that could turn around and be lovely for any evening...the French wire chargers are wonderful...Pottery Barn's? The silverplate is wonder you use it often. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  17. Beautiful halloween dinner! Love the menu too. And the wine bottle was perfect. You have a beautiful home.

  18. Hi lovely lady, Your Halloween Dinner Party Tablescapes is so beautiful ~~ This was a great Idea with your centerpiece with the Persimmons and the orange roses so lovely for your guest, and your charger does look like Spider Wab !!

  19. This is such an elegant Halloween dinner! Everything is lovely, and you put it together so well!

  20. BOOtiful orange roses and all out awesome accessories...persimmons/pumpkins...very cleaver...spider web chargers...what a fun party!!! MJ

  21. How beautiful, you've given me so many great ideas. I love the apron, can you tell me where I could get them? I think they would make great Christmas gifts.


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