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Monday, November 10, 2014

Faux Wood in the Real Woods

This morning, as I looked out our front window at this glorious day, I was so moved by the way the sunlight was filtering through the trees in front of our house.

Our landscaper calls this area "the park", but I feel that is a very fancy way of saying "our front woods".

I wanted to celebrate this warm, sunny day with a table set in the midst of this glory. 

So, I brought this little, old work table out and found just the right spot in the midst of the oaks. 

The top is one board, and it has seen a lot of action.  I'm sort of obsessed with the wish that these wonderful old things could tell stories of some of the things they have seen. 

I added a burlap tablecloth and this was the base of the centerpiece.  I think they are sold at the floral wholesaler as casket forms.  The base is styrofoam and the top is oasis, with a wire cage around it.

Here it is when I finished fiddling around with it.

I wanted to use this wonderful old wooden bird, but he needed some elevation.  What kind of bird do you think he is? 

Along with preserved sheet moss, reindeer moss, and acorns, I added these mushrooms made of pinecones that I found at Michael's.  Then I cut some ferns and some baby pine trees, and stuck them into the form.

I love the way it looks in the dappled sun.

The bottom plate was big enough to use as a charger.

Then, I used two sizes of these wonderful faux bois plates from Boxwoods.  Are you tired of hearing me rave about that store?  Seriously!!!  I never, ever fail to leave that store with inspiration, and usually a big shopping bag full of their incredible selection of merchandise!  It's the best store in Atlanta!

Then, I used my favorite flatware.  It's not our "everyday" stuff, but is some I use very, very often.

I placed the green linen napkin between the plates for contrast, and added a sprig of pine and a twig, just for interest.

What better choice for water stems than these glasses with fall leaves and acorns etched on them?

We weren't having coffee, but just for a photo, I put the cream and sugar pieces on this faux bois tray from Pier 1.

These bow backed chairs from our breakfast room and french linen pillows from the keeping room were easy to bring outside.

All done!!!   

No flowers, no pumpkins, and no bright colors, yet this couldn't be anything but fall.

It's so natural in color selections that you can hardly see it.

Then, back into the house I went to get Mr. Pressed Pants, who was working from home today. 

Our lunch menu wasn't particularly fabulous, but the setting and the company were spectacular!


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  1. That is THE MOST beautiful fall table and setting that I've seen this entire fall. So authentic showcasing nature at its finest. You had the sights and sounds of nature enhancing anything you served. I'd say that was a perfect lunch.

    1. Thank you, thank you! You're was the perfect lunch.

  2. Wow!! I am loving the area, the table and the tablescape....such a pretty setting all together. I would hate it when winter came because I couldn't sit out there Great job!

  3. With a setting like that even if you served something on paper plates it would be delicious, Linda! Speaking of plates, those faux bois are gorgeous. You did an awesome job creating the centerpiece...♥♥♥ it.
    Have a great week.

  4. What a beautiful setting for an autumn day!

  5. Mr. Pressed Pants looks very comfortable there in those surroundings. Heck, who WOULDN'T be??!?!?! It's all so beautiful and serene! There is nothing like this time of year if you're lucky enough to have decent temperatures. The fallen leaves are the perfect carpet beneath the table, and the whole natural feel of your table is very much what autumn looks like. Bringing out that old table for this setting could not have been more perfect!

    You did a really good job on the centerpiece. I'm sure the real birds out there were just as curious as the wooden one!

    Great fall table, Linda! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Me, my son and my grandaughter would love sitting at this table out in those beautful surroundings. Gorgeous, and
    what a great idea, bet your hubby enjoyed his lunch.
    That moss and fern arrangement was absolutely gorgeous.
    I just love natural elements like that, they fascinate me, cause God never ceases to amaze with His
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  7. I am blown away by this lovely setting...the outdoors, the dappled sunlight, the lovely's all divine! Love your creative, and your plates are gorgeous!

  8. That is great!! I love a woodland look table!


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