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Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Welcoming Committee Like No Other

The other day, I arrived at a committee meeting at my friend, Brenda's house and everyone was standing out on the driveway. What was going on?  What was the attraction?  It was Balthus van Tassel, the welcoming turkey!  He was named after the farmer with a long beard from Sleepy Hollow.  Isn't he magnificent?  No one wanted to go in.  I thought we might have to meet in the driveway.

Yes!  They hang out where ever they want.  Brenda said that the other day they were down at the mailbox helping the road crew!  

I sort of felt sorry for the hens.  They had some cute tricks, but were not nearly as pretty as Balthus.


I guess they are not as social, either.  A little aloof compared to Balthus, right?

Then there are the "regular" chickens.  Nothing regular about these beauties.  If you are very lucky, Brenda will gift you with some eggs from her gang.  They are so good, and they make every egg I buy from the market taste like sawdust.

Well, as the cars were pulling out after the meeting, guess who got put behind bars?

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  1. Thank you for showing us that beautiful turkey! I didn't know that they even came in this color. What a gorgeous bird.


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