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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lilac and Mint

When long lost girlfriends call and give you less than a day's notice, do you start cooking and use paper plates, or do you set a thoughtful table and head to Whole Foods for prepared food?  I bet you can guess my answer!

It's been so hot here, but a short storm lowered the temperature to the point where we could dine outside for lunch.  You can still see the rain puddles on the deck. (That's because I did such a great job this spring with the weatherproofing.  Just saying.)

I remembered that Jane loves any shade of purple, so I started with that and added some soft green.

It made a refreshing combination and one I have rarely used.

Starting with a purple hobnail glass charger from J.C.Penney's from many, many years ago, I added a green dinner plate that was not Jadite, but the same color.  It looks like pleats around the edges.  Then, I found a purple paper doily to separate the bowl from the plate.

Here's the Jadite bowl with a lavender placecard.  I glued a simple velvet flower in the corner.

For a little pattern, I added this Royal Staffordshire transferware bread and butter plate.  It's designer is none other than Clarice Cliff.  The subject matter is so great.  I love it.

This flatware is a little more modern.  It is nothing special, but I liked the color on this table.

I don't exactly consider myself a collector of Jadite, but I do have a number of pieces.  These hobnail tumblers are some of my favorites.

I placed this stem on the railing to show the lavender glass.  

I started with some Jadite salt and peppers, but changed to these lavender and green asparagus ones.

These lavender napkins are some overstock ones that I ordered on line from a restaurant supplier.  I wish I could remember the site.  The napkin rings are made from frosted 
green resin.

Here's the way the placesetting looked.

Remember I said I bought all the food at Whole Foods?  Well, I bought these lilac colored lisianthis there too.  I just love this flower.  The buds are every bit as pretty as the open blooms, and when they do open, they are many shades of purple.  

I used this vase that I bought at Goodwill.  I think it looks like McCoy pottery, but it isn't.  

Here's the overhead.

Mr. Pressed Pants was going to join us, but he had a "surprise" conference call.  That seemed a bit suspicious, but we three girls didn't really miss him. 

Can't you just feel the coolness of the day?  Well, the friendship sure was warm!

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  1. Absolutely lovely, lovely, lovely. I love your color combination and all you special tableware and accent pieces. Perfect for the occasion!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the tablescape, just wonderful!!

  3. Gorgeous color combo! I absolutely love it. I wish I could have been there.
    :) gwingal

  4. Such a refreshing colour combination! You've created a lovely tablescape with wonderful pieces and your deck looks like such a pretty spot to dine. I'm sure your friends enjoyed it immensely. Yep, like you...short notice invites involve time spent on the table and a trip out to buy the food :)

  5. Stunning table! Your dear girlfriend is not the only lover of purple. I am loving it as well! I am so glad the temperature dropped a bit, enabling you to enjoy dining outside.

  6. This turned out gorgeous. I want to come over for lunch sometime ;). Thanks for sharing at the Monday Funday Party! - Emily


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