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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Photo Shoot for Equestrian Wedding

I was flattered when Seven Barks asked me to do a photo shoot for a spring equestrian wedding feature.  I wasn't clear exactly what they wanted, but I began to play with some items that said spring wedding to me. Here's my path to this pretty photo.

This was the tablescape I started with, but as soon as I shot it, I knew it was too busy and had too many items in it.  After all, that beautiful snaffle bit letterpress place card was to be the featured item, and it was almost lost in the complete setting.  Note: These are totally un-edited photos, just to show my thought process and where I was going.

I got a little closer, but still thought it was still not the star of the show.

Closer still, but now it's out of proportion to the napkin ring.

Getting closer.

Almost there, but something's still wrong.

I added the napkin and ring back to the mix,

Here's a close up of that gorgeous silver napkin ring with a setter and pheasant.  I. Love. This.

Well, hello, beautiful!  By tipping the placecard a bit, I had it.  I can't tell you what magazine it's going to be in just yet, but I can't wait to see their spring equestrian wedding article. 

This placecard/enclosure card ( 2" x 3.5" and twelve to a pkg ) comes in many other letterpress designs, and Seven Barks,  Purveyors of Fine Papers, has so many other distinctive items in their line.  Go to to check them out.  There is an adorable bunny design that would be wonderful for Easter, and so would their Easter party poppers! 

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