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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Flamingo Frenzy

I know.....I've been missing.  I have ignored my blog in favor of Instagram.  It's a matter of time management.  I won't totally walk away from A Toile Tale, but I'm posting less.  I'm not entertaining less, however, so please follow me on Instagram at #ldpete2626.

I'm soooo not ready to give up summer entertaining.  Will the rest of you bloggers please refrain from pushing fall?????  This table is a perfect example.  It's still hot, hot, hot here in Atlanta, so why pretend.  

These plates inspired the table.  They came from World Market last summer.  I pulled the bold colors from them and set a screamingly bright table.  

We needed the shade, so I chose the lower terrace.

Fiona the Flamingo made the perfect centerpiece.  She's covered with pink feathers and has a little sister, too.

I found them at Lucy's Market in Buckhead.  They are going to go to my daughter's pre-school class when I am done playing with them.

Here's the oasis ring that holds the pink carnations.  It has plastic on the bottom which will protect your table, but once it's soaked in water, it will hold flowers for days, just like a brick of oasis.

I wrapped a varigated Apisdistra leaf and a small orchid on the ordinary water glass, and held them in place with a piece of rafia.  The plain Tiffany wine glass was filled with Hogwash rose.  (Several times!)

These salt and peppers came from The Christmas Tree Shop.

Everybody seemed to enjoy the gazpacho and the salad with mango and shrimp.  I could do it all the day ahead, which is the way I like entertain.

These dessert plates came from Target years ago.

I used a flamingo margarita glass on a leaf to hold pineapple/coconut ice cream  for dessert.

Caspari handtowels were joined in the guest bathroom by a blow-up flamingo filled with fresh carnations and orchids.

And a flotilla of them were in the pool.  I must admit that the sound of the waterfall into the pool was a cooling sound on such a hot day.  But the warm friendships felt good!


  1. I am in Pa. and we have had several very "Fall-like" days this week. Plus the stores are full of Fall and it is my FAVORITE time to decorate. I wish we could keep the mild temps though:) Your table is wonderful, I would love to have been there. The menu sounds great! I will floow you on Instagram.

    1. I’m originally from Pa., so I envy your sunny days and cool nights at this time of year. I love fall, but I have several summer tables that I feel I want to do before I pack it all away. And there seem to be a few people we promised to get together with this summer. In order to keep that promise, I guess I’ll have to still be celebrating summer!

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