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Friday, May 13, 2011

Camp Boxwoods Part II

The other day, I posted about this incredible weekend house in Madison, Georgia owned by two very special men from Atlanta. Randy Korando and Dan Belman own my favorite Atlanta store, Boxwoods Garden and Gifts.  I teased you that I would post the exterior of the home today and here it is. 

photo from Madison Morgan Cultural Center
It is so hard to believe that this was a 1970 era ranch house when they bought it.  It now is such an incredible Queen Ann Victorian splendor sitting on 120 acres of exquisite land.

This greets you along the driveway and the gate leads you into a beautiful, beautiful yard.

There are sitting areas after sitting area with this beautiful faux bois cement furniture.  You know how that makes my heart race! 

This bench sits in a beautiful tree-canopied area.
It is tucked in, yet still the focal point.  And THAT's good landscaping to me.

photo from Traditional Home
And this incomparable view is from the boxwood gardens looking down to one of two ponds.

Here's the view of the same gardens from the upstairs porch.  These century old boxwoods were brought to Georgia from England. 

Also from the upstairs porch, you can see this rose covered pergola.  Even the petunia filled window boxes were in their prime.

This is my photo of the extra long picnic table that must have seen some fabulous parties.

photo from Traditional Home
Here's a picture of the same table with Randy (left) and Dan with Wesley the sheepdog and Tuxedo the standard poodle.  These well loved dogs are named for two of the nicest streets in Atlanta.

I'm not sure what the original use of this piece was, but Randy and Dan have planted it with reeds and lilly pads and stocked it with gold fish.

The land is filled with livestock and pets, but in a bit of humor, they have placed a bottle brush hedgehog outside of this tiny brick structure.  Is it a chicken coop?  A building fragment?  I don't think it really is a hedgehog house!

photo from Traditional Home
Through this gate is a garden to make Farmer McGregor jealous.

This garden is not just for show.  The vegetables were well tended and the flowers were just begging to be cut and arranged.

People clearly work in this garden!

Among the livestock, there were donkeys, llamas, rescued and rehabilitated horses, sheep, ducks and yard fowl.  These Scottish Highland cattle were almost imperial in their gaze.

I wish I had a better picture of the poulet palace.  Can you see the curtains on the roosting cubes?

As we left, this exquisite white peacock gave us a one of a kind goodbye salute.  I have never seen a white peacock, so this was a special treat.  Actually, there were lots of special treats that day.  It was a wonderful day spent with Mr. Pressed Pants and I thank Dan and Randy for their generosity.  I'll never fail to be impressed by their creativity and tastefulness.  Thanks guys!


  1. I just found your blog at Tabletop Thursday. Thanks for posting this beautiful home, and for telling everyone about their store in Atlanta. I don't know if we'll be going through Atlanta on our cross-country trip this Summer, but their store sounds like the kind of favorite stops I'm looking for on my blog.

  2. OMG why don't I live in Atlanta so that I too could participate in all that your city has to offer!!! I can't believe that you got to tour Randy and Dan's weekend I almost feel like I got to go along with you and Mr. Pressed Pants. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the wonderful commentary.

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing all the photos here and in the previous post. This is an interesting home both inside and out. Love the boxwood gardens, that long table, the garden gates, . . .
    ~ Sarah


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