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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner for the Twelve Disciples!

Mr. Pressed Pants belongs to a wonderful group of people who do a weekly bible study.  It is his Disciple class, and ironically, it has twelve members.  He invited them to our house for their last meeting of the year.  I didn't attend, but of course, I did the set up.  It had to be super simple, since I had only the afternoon to put this together.  My inspiration was these blue hydrangeas and the oak leaf hydrangeas that we have blooming right now.  Just a package of yellow roses from Costco, and a sleeve of white and yellow mums from Kroger, and I'm good to go.  All of the filler came from our yard as well.

I set up things so that they could serve themselves buffet-style from the drop leaf table in the bar.  I threw on this blue and white checked cloth.  All of the linens that I used were from a trip to France.  The stack of white plates are just our everyday dishes.

These blue willow salt and pepper shakers are old, but that pattern seems to go with so much, doesn't it?

I set up these glasses in the bar.  These are caterer's glasses that are a good size to be used for wine, soda, water, or mixed drinks.  Saves finding lots of different sizes.  I just like to use cloth napkins when I can.  These yellow cocktail napkins seem to be used often.

This large old copper pan usually lives in Mr. Pressed Pant's office filled with magazines, but it is just great to hold ice for wine and bottles of iced tea.

I quickly set up the coffee tray.  Nothing fancy here.  You don't see it, but I put a post-it note on it to remind Mr. Pressed Pants to get the cream from the refrigerator.

Since I planned on three tables of four outdoors, I used these same flowers that I had on the buffet table to make three small arrangements for them.

This is what we call the upper terrace.  It is the view as you step outside the bar.  Just down three steps and there's the first table.

This is my favorite set of French linens.  The only thing I put on the table is a napkin with flatware wrapped in it and then tied with raffia, and then I put the glasses upside down so that leaves and junk didn't settle into them.

Up on the round deck, I used another set of linens.

Just blue and white this time.

On the lower terrace, I put the third table.

This third set of linens are also great for this flower arrangement.  I purposely bought these three sets to go together, but not match.

Here's the arrangement on this terrace. 

This very ordinary patio furniture looks much cuter when accessorized. 

These great printed burlap pillows started the vibe.

The little cafe table holds a wicker covered glass bottle filled with some simple grasses and ferns.

Then I set it on this wonderful taupe and white checked cloth with faggoting, which is also from a trip to France.  What's that pink thread doing there?  This might be another one for the blooper file!

Mr. Pressed Pants thinks people who talk to their plants are crazy, but he does threaten them!  He must have scared this hibiscus plant, because a day ago, there was not a bloom open on it, and today it is a beautiful sideshow.

And, of course, no outdoor evening party is complete without offering a helping of bugspray!

Here's Mr. Pressed Pants beginning to cook kabobs as I said goodbye.  I think they had a great evening.  I got home just as they were serving dessert.  How about that!!! 

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  1. Love the blue and yellow -- and especially the coordinating linens. What a nice treat for the 12 Disciples!

  2. Your centerpieces are just beautiful! I wish I had that knack. All three of the table linens are lovely and look fantastic.

  3. I just love all your linens, they certainly bring out the feeling of being transported back to france. What a lovely thing you did for Mr. Pressed Pants and his group. It all looks lovely. xo~marlis

  4. It looks like a lovely gathering. Your arrangement is simpley amazing.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. What a lovely setting! Love all your tablecloths and centerpieces. Pretty colors!...Christine

  6. Hi Linda, I hope Mr. Pressed Pants appreciates you!! I'm sure I would not be letting my hubby use my French linens to entertain his buddies!!! Your table look so pretty and I think the floral arrangements are beautiful. I hope you had some help cleaning up! Can you tell we have issues with this around my house? :) Linda

  7. I know the 12disciples felt very special dining in such lovely surroundings! Love those linens!

  8. Hi lovely lady. I love the yellow and blue also sweet lady. You did a Beautiful job putting it all together for this lovely party you are having. The flowers are adding the pop to your evening!!! I hope you and your lovely family have a Great Memorial Day weekend.

  9. Everything looks so fresh dressed in blue and the shining in a clear blue sky...something that seems to be evading us at the moment.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. You did a wonderful job setting up for this! The table linens are beautiful and in some of my favorite colors. The flowers look great, too.
    I absolutely adore your lovely terraces. This must be a well-used area of your home; it is so nice!

  11. And all this done in an afternoon's notice?! All I can say is WOW!!! Beautiful job, your deck and yard is gorgeous. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays. xo,

  12. Beautiful! Happy Memorial Day!!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. What a beautiful way to end the year for the Twelve Disciples. Your tables are lovely, and your outdoor spaces are certainly inviting. Love the stone terraces.
    Have a lovely Memorial Day! ~ Sarah

  14. Love all your garden settings! the pillows on the loungers are gorgeous.
    What a beautiful garden you have.
    Happy Memorial day to you.
    Shel from South Africa

  15. I love the way you set up this party with the coordinating linens and the flowers. Particularly the flowers. It's great the way you combined the ones from your garden with the "store bought" ones.


  16. Beautiful flowers and looks like a great get together. I love blue and yellow together, so I especially like how you had so many great things to decorate with.

    Sorry about signng in like I did, but blogger is still causing me issues with most blogs.

  17. I love yellow and blue. Looks like a great time for Mr. Pressed Pants and his group. Happy Sunday!

  18. So happy you've joined Seasonal Sundays. Looking forward to having you with us for "Where do you keep it all?".

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Your floral arrangements are stunning! What a beautiful setting for entertaining! Happy Memorial Day!

  20. Looks like you made a beautiful setting for the dinner!


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