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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Madison House Tour

I've made a new friend in the design world!  His name is Jimmy Stanton and he owns a wonderful home furnishings store in Atlanta.  I enjoy every visit to this happy place and my clients do as well.  He had his beautiful home in Madison on their spring house and garden tour a couple of weeks ago.  I thought you might like a peek at this darling place. 

This house was built in 1818 and is called The Brick Cottage.  It is the oldest brick structure in Madison.  Jimmy and Patrick Greco have lived here for three years and during that time they added the tin roof and the must-have picket fence.  It had a fire in the '60's and, ironically, the timbers petrified and became stronger than ever!

This arrangement of pressed botanicals hang in the entryway.  They make such a great statement,
                          don't they?

This is where Jimmy's very lovely mother greeted guests the day of the tour.  She is so proud of her boy and his lovely home.  She absolutely sparkled when she talked about him!

The whole place is done in restful grey, khaki, and putty.  This allows the accessories to shine.  This is the family room. 

The dining room is so beautiful in it's simplicity.  It strikes the perfect blend of rustic and refined.
Check out the chandelier.  It's reflected in the mirror.

Here's another view.  I love this French cupboard with it's great hardware and how it is filled with a mixture of treasures.

This grouping of green canning jars with candles flanked a basket simply filled with blue hydrangeas.

Jimmy has such a way putting together vignettes.  Here are three mantles on which he takes a few items and they become an eye-catching grouping of  objects.  This one is in his bedroom.  It is just perfect in it's simplicity.

And look at this one....I wouldn't change a thing or move it one inch.

This mantle is in the living room.  What a knack for asymmetrical placement.  These objects are so disparate, yet just fantastic together.

Here's the entire living room.  I love it ALL....the sisal rug, the nailheads on the stools, the old bench used as a coffee table, and that wonderful statue.

Every good weekend house needs a bar and this one is jaw-dropping.  It is made of reclaimed wood and inspired by an old ship.  I wish I had a photo of the kitchen, but I just went on through, enjoying all the wonderful details and never took a shot.

But I do have this kitchen!  Have you ever seen an outdoor kitchen like this?  Those plates on the "wall" are genius.  And I'm just drooling over those ivory garden seats ever since I first saw them in a showhouse room that Jimmy did.

The garden part of this tour was just as special as their interior.  This fountain!  This fountain!  This fountain!  Their back yard is not at all large, but every inch is charming and beautiful.

Look at this special intimate dining room tucked in the back.  I just love how they have used furniture and walls to suggest the inside, but with the added joy of being outdoors.  Look carefully at the items on the console here.

These books are cement!  Isn't that so clever?

Terry is their cherished pet.  I think this pretty much tells you how they feel about him.

If you are in the Atlanta area, please be sure to stop by Jimmy's store:

Stanton Home Furnishings
1194 Huff Road
Atlanta, 30318

Atlanta Homes Magazine did a 19 page double feature spread on this home and his city home called "City Chic/Country Calm".  It is the longest spread I have ever seen and every page is spell-binding.  It is so well deserved.

Check it out:

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