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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just One Print

It's Blue and White Day at the lovely Pink Pagoda!

I had an unusual request the other day from a potential design client.  She called and wanted to see my home and bring her sister, too. "OK.  Please come over.  I'm delighted."  Then, I thought, why not make it a lunch date?  I had a feeling they would be fun guests and so I called to amend the invitation.  Well, it was not a hard sell and they were on their way.  I didn't want to make it about the table, but rather, I wanted to keep the table chic but secondary to the interior design.

I decided to keep the look very, very simple with all neutrals and one fun, sassy print.  Doesn't everyone love chevron?

No time to go to the floral wholesalers, so I simply picked up a blue hydrangea at Kroger when I zipped in for the groceries.  I thought the straw runner added some wonderful texture.

Then a round straw placemat and a whitewashed wooden charger kept it cool.

A Pottery Barn dinner plate and salad plate stacked on top of that, and, to pick up the blue in the hydrangeas, I chose these French blue bowls.  The star of the show was these blue and white linen chevron napkins.  I let them do the shouting.

Even the flatware was understatated but interesting.

I played with the placement of the napkins and liked them best when they were placed between the plates for contrast.

No wine at this lunch, so the one glass had hold it's own.

The salt and pepper shakers were in this French cow holder.  You can read about how I fell for this guy here.  I still love, love, love him.

And the butter was in these tiny, individual Emile Henrie dishes.

Well, the sister was as cute and charming as she is, and I'm hired to re-decorate her master bedroom.  I hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship!

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  1. Congratulations on getting the gig! That's terrific! I'm sure showing just a glimpse of your tablescaping prowess didn't hurt the process! :-) What a pretty napkin!!! I think you nailed it with those chevron napkins juxtaposed against the textured runner!!! This is a table that just says "I don't have to try hard to make things look hire me!" :-)

    1. Oh, yes, sista! That was exactly what I was trying to say!

  2. I love hydrangeas great choice.


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