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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Old China and Warm Chatter

Sometimes you just need a day to catch up .  My dear friend and I have recently been on similar pathways but they haven't seemed to converge.  We both experienced a loss of someone in our immediate families in the last couple of months, and while we tried to be there for each other, we just never seemed to be able to get together to privately share.  So, today, we set aside the day to lunch and get caught up.  

I wanted to make her feel extra loved, so I tried to set a table that was just a little special.  It recently feels a bit like spring, so I tried for a fresh, crisp table.  I started with this organdy embroidered cloth layered over a white linen cloth and set at a small table in our breakfast room.

Isn't this a pretty cloth?

Then I chose this old china that has a maidenhair fern pattern on it.  I often use it for St. Patrick's Day because it reminds me of shamrocks.  It's made in England by John Haddock and Sons, but I don't know the pattern name.

It was a simple, but pretty table, using green handled flatware from World Market.

The napkins were a grass green cotton, layered with a fine, white, hand-embroidered linen one, then I settled on a simple white wicker napkin ring.

These water goblets might be the deal of the century.  They are a knock-off of some exquisite William Yeoward fern-patterned ones at about one twentieth of the price.  Our daughter chose the real things for her wedding crystal, and they have become so expensive that I declared her collection complete.  Then I found these and I scooped some up for her and added a few for me.  Hope she isn't reading this, as I'm planning to surprise her with these for her anniversary.

This delicate green swirl glass was picked up at Scott's Antique Mart years ago.

This china came with lots of extra pieces and I couldn't resist using these tiny little butter pat plates .

For the asparagus soup, I layered a green depression glass plate, a white paper doily, and a small soup tureen.

This white azalea in a white urn, topped with bright green moss reigned in place of flowers.

It fed my need for spring! 

This little salt and pepper holder came from Pierre Deux years ago.  Don't you miss that beautiful store.

The Waterford cream and sugar rested in another piece of the china.

I make it a policy not to photograph my friends when I blog about a get-together, but I wish you could begin to know the beauty that my guest brought to this table.

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  1. What a special table you set for your friend! The organdy cloth is lovely, and I really love that china you chose -- perfect for spring!

  2. Such a beautiful table. Your friend cannot help but feel the love of such thought and care. I'm sorry for your loss.
    P.S. Where did you find the William Yeoward "knock off" glasses?

    1. I got them from a store in Atlanta called Erika Reade. They were only $18.95, but I think I bought all of them!

  3. What a lovely, special table. All your choices are just right for the season and occasion. I LOVE your tablecloth and plates as well as how you used additional china pieces to use as servers. What a special treat you shared with your friend. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. That tablecloth, Linda, is one of the very prettiest I have EVER seen!!! Oh, my delicate and so perfect for a Spring or Summer day. The perfect choice to catch up and commiserate. Beautiful table!

  5. The dishes and the fern glasses are so beautiful! I'm sure your friend appreciated your extra effort. Laura

  6. What a lovely table! Those dishes are so pretty. I know your friend felt extra special.

  7. What a beautiful table! Love all of the details...the china, the tablecloth...gorgeous.

  8. Replies
    1. PS- Mom, don't be mad. How could I not check out your spring posts?

    2. Promise to be surprised and maybe even to think that they are the REAL thing, Ok?

  9. What a beautiful table. Who wouldn't feel loved being at that table? Thanks for bringing your creativity to Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper


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