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Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Gray Bunny

What's sweeter than a little gray bunny?  When I saw this guy at Homegoods, I knew he would have to  hop into my cart and come home with me.  

The weather has broken in Atlanta, and I wanted to spend this warm morning outside with Mr. Pressed Pants.  It was a bit brisk, but we enjoyed our breakfast, especially knowing that pollen season would soon be upon us.

Oh, yeah!  Can you tell spring is here.  For real.  

I started with this gray and white striped fabric to pick up the gray in the bunny plate, then I used this latex cabbage leaf under the charger.  After all, bunnies hide in the cabbage patch, don't they?

Then a faux-zinc grey charger, a white scalloped plate from Z-Gallerie, then the bunny salad plate.  The charger is made from an inexpensive plastic one from Hobby Lobby which is sprayed with a primer, then chalkboard paint.  Then you smear a piece of chalk all over and lightly wipe off.  Voila!  

This grass green cotton napkin is gathered in a ring featuring Little Gray Bunny's cousin, Little Pewter Bunny.

The green handled flatware is from World Market.

And these glasses are from Ikea. A dollar each!  Yep!

Even the coffee cup makes me smile.

The flowers are Lenten Roses, or hellebores from our yard.  

I put them in a metal cabbage basket. (More places for Little Gray Bunny to hide.)

This will hold our almond croissants from Trader Joes.  Have you tried them?  The best!  The easiest!  You just put the frozen croissants on a cookie sheet when you go to bed and don't even cover them, then when you get up in the morning, you bake them.  Try it!

The salt and peppers are peas in a pod from Michaels, which got to come to the party simply because of their color.

This pewter sugar and creamer set was a wedding present, an oldie but goodie, for sure.

This is an unexpected color combination for spring, but I think this guy would NOT want to go with pink or yellow.  Just gray and green, right?

I wish you could see how plump the blooms are on the dogwood tree.  They will probably start opening in a day or two, and the trees will leaf out.  Then the pollen starts and we sneeze and clean and sneeze and clean.  

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  1. The new bunny plates are adorable. When I stopped in Home Goods recently, they didn't have one thing for Easter. They said it all flew out the doors.
    Your alfresco table setting is delightful. Enjoy your spring!

  2. You always set such a great table and I love the little gray bunny plates and mugs. I love this time of year and will have to pull out my bunny plates.

  3. I love your table. The colors go perfectly together and form a soothing, welcoming space. Thanks for sharing. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. Love the combo of colors...the striped fabric is fabulous and the bunny plates are to die for!! I would love to have you join me for my Centerpiece
    Wednesday linky party and share this post with us. Come on over


  5. WHAT A FABULOUS COLOR COMBO FOR SPRING!!! I Love it!!! This is so unexpected and so perfect!!! I love grey with all my heart, and when it pops up in a Spring combo, it just melts my heart!!! The little grey bunny was a great inspiration piece!

    I will have to try that trick for the faux zinc chargers! What a creative move...and they look terrific!!!!!

    I'm going to be in BIG trouble when IKEA finally gets here later this year!!! I can't wait!!!

    I'm glad Spring is springing there! We're still waiting...waiting...waiting............


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