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Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue Bird

Sometimes a dish can whisper and sometimes it will ask for a colorful party table.  That's the case here.

See this little guy?  I found him at Homegoods and I did not intend to pull the green out of the dish, but it was kinda bossy!

So here we are!  You almost need sunglasses.

I started with a turquoise tablecloth from the Palm line of linens.  If you see them for sale, jump on them, as they are great quality and launder beautifully.  

I'm disappointed at how this charger photographed.  It looks so yellow, but it was really a bright grass green.  I think I got it at World Market.  The dinner plate was so large that the charger barely showed, but the turquoise tablecloth and the turquoise plate needed a break from each other.

The glassware was a mix of green glass stems from Swoosie's and Waterford white wines.

I know you are asking yourself two questions:
1.  Why didn't she iron this cloth?
2.  Why didn't she straighten this spoon?

The white wicker napkin ring freshened up these layered napkins.  I rarely do this, because guests seems so stumped as to what to do with two napkins, but today, I thought they could handle it!

I added a white porcelain bird at each place, and later sat a hand lettered placecard beside him. 

More white birds in the salt and peppers......

and atop the butter dish.......

and around the two vases that held screaming green mums.

In the center of the table, I sat a chicken wire cloche with ferns, eggs, and a little green bird.

Can you see him in there?

I had one more bird dish that I used for rolls.  I didn't even use a napkin in it, as I didn't want to hide the bird.

I wasn't sure I could handle all of this color, but it was perfect for this group and everyone's need for spring.

Besides, I've been using a lot of neutrals and I was getting in a rut.

Here's the tea tray.  Do you see that the lid for the sugar bowl is missing?  Do you have one I can buy?  Really?  Please leave me a comment if you could part with this sugar bowl.  It came from Homegoods a couple of years ago.

Every time I get this out to use, I am afraid that bird will break off.  Probably because I've had a run of klutzyness.

I used this for lemon and mint.

And look who else joined the party......

these little lovebirds in just the right color.

And on the other side of the room, the sideboard held my annual spring display.  You can see how I put it togorether here.  I have a string of spring entertaining planned, so the fact that this is all faux material will make it last.  Come around often and join us!

I guess I did this post just in time to join Cuisine Kathleen's April Let's Dish linky party on April 9.  She is inviting bloggers to join with posts that feature birds, nests, or eggs.  Should be inspiring!

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  1. I LOVE this table! The bright colors are PERFECT for this time of year. Your bird plates from HG are so very pretty and you complemented them well with everything else. Happy Spring!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. Lovely spring table. Your little birdie plates are sweet, and you obviously put thought into pulling in all the other delightful details. Well done!

  3. What a lovely table. I love the bird plates and accessories.

  4. Such a pretty color combination and that tea pot with the bird on top is adorable - definite tea pot-envy here!!! Also that spring display on the sideboard is stunning!!

  5. Birds, birds every where. In addition your Waterford crystal is my favorite.

  6. Toile Tale,
    I adore your sweet bird plates, dear one!
    L O V I N' how you've paired the turquoise with the green!
    Your Tea set is beautiful and I do hope you find a replacement lid! You might be surprised, but I have received two such items from generous ladies inThe Land of Blog from their viewing of my posts!
    Thank you for sharing this refreshing Blue Bird Tablescape with us. Visiting from Kathleen's Let's Dish Challenge!

  7. Well I love the colors! The screaming mums cracked me up! The bird cage centerpiece is adorable. Looks like you have some nice bird pieces. I was just at a Home Goods last week and thought I saw some pieces like yours but I can't be sure. It's 200 miles from me so I can't go back to check. I hope you can find that top or at least another sugar bowl. Love the bird pillow on the bench.

  8. Lovely, the birds pop against the tablecloth. I love the turquoise with the white and green. Beautiful spring table!

  9. I really think your table is such a great combination of colors and your bird accessories are sweet. The bird plates were a fun find! The display on your sideboard really is impressive.

  10. Those little birdy plates are so sweet! What a lovely table, just perfect for the challenge! Thanks so much for linking up.

  11. Such a lovely table with all the colors and elements, love the plates and pillows!

  12. You have a really great collection of bird items, especially the dishes and that vase with the screaming green mums, lol. Love the whole table. -Dawn @ We Call It

  13. In my book this is stunning...aqua and lime! I guess I missed those cute bird plates or they would be on my table. Love the lime stemware. Thanks for sharing this table.
    Have a wonderful week, Linda.

  14. Not too much color for me! I like color...especially given the dreary, dark, icky winter we've been forced to endure. It may have been in the 70s around here today, but the weather guesser was babbling on about the possibility of snow early next week. I have NO faith in Spring actually being here to stay!!!

    Sorry about your broken sugar lid. I don't have any idea where you might get another except maybe on Craig's List or in a thrift store. The good news: you always have to take the lid off the sugar container for the spoon to stick out of it, so the lid won't be missed by guests! :-) That is a beautiful set, though, and I understand why you would want to replace that lid. Good luck!

    Your plates are gorgeous! I'm glad you chose to bring out the green in them. The little bluebirds are my favorite.

    GREAT toss pillow!!!! Works so nicely with the table!

    Have fun!

  15. Hope you find your lid. I love the colors you used for this spring table. You have quite a few pieces with birds and made a statement with the signature pieces.
    I'm your newest follower.

  16. Hi Linda, I'm glad you used the green with these pretty dishes~~I think of Spring and green leaves and blue sky! I laughed out loud at our ironing comment. I always notice those details on my tables after I post them too! I would love to sit at this pretty table! Linda

  17. I think you were right to obey the "bossy" green...what a beautiful table you have set!! I adore those plates, gorge!!

  18. Beautiful have used the theme perfectly! Love the bird plates and the sweet tea set.

  19. I love your sweet bluebird plates! The addition of the green is perfect for spring. I have several pieces of the Gracie Victorian Bird, I'm always fearful one of the birds is going to fly off a teapot lid or handle :)

  20. I so understand how a plate can call to you! So many wonderful bird dishes.
    I do hope you'll share this at Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  21. I love your dinnerware! The little blue birds are so cute. Your tablescape says that it's finally Spring Time!
    Sam from

  22. I just love the green in this 'scape--I don't know that I would've thought to do that with that beautiful bird plate, but it's great! I saw that pattern of your sugar bowl at a TJ Maxx not too long ago. I will surely check if/when I'm there, but if you haven't checked there, you might try it. Great table! :)

  23. As a bird lover, I'm admiring the pretty little bird dishes and that cool-looking vase. The bird pillow is sweet too. By the way, I never iron my tablescloths - not since shabby chic became popular!

  24. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  25. This is a stunningly beautiful table I love the little bird but the cloche in the center is spectacular good choice in the teal color Love it.


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