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Friday, July 31, 2015

Blue Moon Thoughts

The Atlanta Gift Show is a sight to behold!  Located in the Americasmart buildings in downtown Atlanta, it is an unmatched array of top gift lines in many categories and many price points.  They offer over seven million square feet of vendor displays and exhibits.  I saw more incredible merchandise than I could believe, and as I reflect on the offerings, the color blue stood out over and over.  In a salute to the blue moon we will have tomorrow night, I'm going to show you some of the blue items that caught my eye as I traipsed through the show.  These incredible salad plates are part of the Flowering Quince porcelain collection from Artisanal Home.  This company offered several bold, graphically interesting designs that were not your gramma's dishes.

The Emdee International company has some of the most beautiful drapery panels I have ever seen.  This blue applique panel is just stunning.

Here's a close-up of the edge.  Oh, Mamma!  It's gorgeous.

Now, here's a brand new item from Mitchell Black.  It's a grass cloth with Chinoiserie AND stags AND toile!!! What's not to love?   This pattern is called Pagoda Forest Toile.  There's also an incredible wallpaper called Lodge that comes in a great blue and white. It has stag heads in mirrored stripes.  Really stunning. 
Another charming Chinese design shows up on this collection of glass ornaments made by Thomas Glenn Holiday. 

Here's another design from their Asian line of these handcrafted ornaments.  Could you stand an entire tree of these?

You might not know what you're looking at here, because it is so unusual.  It's a rack of hair-on-hide rugs!  I can't decide if I love the Greek key design or the chevron more. Madisons makes these sophisticated pieces and they are so fabulous.  I could just imagine  a room with one of these.  Focal point for sure!  I hope one of my clients can be talked into one of these.



Callisto Home  offered these and many more wonderful pillows.  Man!  A simple linen chair is suddenly "done" with the addition of one of these pillows.

Blue Coral 11" Dinner

Blue Coral 9" Salad
If you're looking for a really nice quality melamine with a ceramic like appearance, this blue coral collection of Galleyware Company fits the bill.  It's from their yacht and home collecion.  I also loved pieces from their Lake and Lodge and their Reef and Sailin' collections.

Have you seen these wine glass lamp shades?  Made by diPotter, they are flat sheets of parchment like paper.  They come six ready-to-assemble pieces to a set and fit red wine glasses 20 oz and smaller.  Each set has three designs.  I was given a set of them as a hostess gift and I thought they were so clever.  Please use them with flameless tea lights dropped into a wine glass.  So cute!

I'm setting a Once In a Blue Moon Table for tomorrow night.  After all, we won't have that to celebrate again until 2018!

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