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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Summer of Orange and Turquoise

I seem to be in love with this color combination, so I've re-done our terraces in these cheerful cushions and pillows.  Even the pots have been planted in a much more vibrant, coral and white palate. 
(Disclaimer: I've been waiting weeks to have our stonework pressure washed.  I finally decided to photograph for this post with grimy stones, because, well, summer is almost HALF OVER!!!!)

This makes me smile every time I look at it.

Doesn't this make you want to grab a good book and chill out?

This has so much more pizzazz than our former color selection for the cushions.

This was last year on the terrace.  I was all about a woodsy color combination, and it worked really well........

until I spied this fabric!  Then some sort of hunger for color kicked in and I was all about turquoise and coral.  

I'm so glad for the change.

I even changed all of our swim towels to turquoise and coral.  Monogrammed, of course!

This large pot at the corner of the wall is loving the summer rain.  Can you see those tiny coral petunias?  They are so cute.

This pot has just a touch of coral begonias in with the hardy grass.

This one is full of begonias with a couple of white impatients.  

The hummingbirds just love this hibiscus.  And I love it, too, as it is just outside my kitchen window and I can admire it AND the hummingbirds!

And this $15 palm from Lowe's makes us all feel like we are in the tropics.

Let's go up the stairs to the white deck.

With the left over material, I made a runner for this table, and turquoise stripped cushions for these side chairs.  Things are looking so good.  Usually, we are beginning to feel the effects of the 90 degree weather by now, but we've had lots of rain to help things stay green.

Even the fern pots are filling in nicely.  Thank goodness that one of the improvements we made when we first moved in was to add drip lines to all of the pots.  I could never keep them watered by hand.  We also just had the deck re-stained and it's beautiful.

That's the view from the upper terrace to the lake.  Maybe I'll soon find time to take those kayaks out, but for now, I'm anxious to set this table for our neighbors tonight.  Wait till you see what I have planned!

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  1. I have been feeling the draw to coral and turquoise too. It has been vary hard to resist some of the beautiful coastal decor this year. Your patio is totally gorgeous!


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