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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rain on the Fourth

When we dumped the trip to see fireworks tonight due to the rain, that meant that we'd be unexpectedly eating inside at home. 

I can always lay my hands on red white and blue and set a fast table.

I grabbed my "Toile Tale" china which is Scalamandre by Lenox.  I set it on a blue rimmed white enamel charger that I just bought at Michael's.  Don't ask me why, but they were in the wedding section. 

As a nod to summer, I used a nautical rope napkin ring around a plain red napkin.  The red and white gingham checked tablecloth is another thing that says summer.  This blue handled flatware is another easy choice.

I would have cut some blue hydrangeas, but it was raining!  I had picked up a bunch of sunflowers on Saturday at the Farmer's Market, so they became the centerpiece. 

The glassware is a mixture of blue and red stems.  Some people do not like colored glass, but I think it adds so much to most tables.  There's a time for a formal cut glass, or a fine blown glass, but this is just a fun, casual table.

These individual salt and pepper shakers are a simple but fun addition. 

This blue and white dish will hold a caprese salad.  It is so easy to mix up a red, white and blue table.  Almost any blue and white pattern will work with another.  Be bold and jump on the blue and white wagon.  These pieces are easy to find and usually very economical.

We'll miss the fireworks, but frankly, our neighbors have been shooting them off for days, so we've had a taste of this beautiful tradition.  Let us all celebrate this great country with great pride and gratitude. 



  1. I envy you the rainy 4th. '-) It is so dry and hot here that I don't want to leave the house. Love your patriotic setting. The toile dishes are fab!
    Happy 4th of July!

    1. Sarah, I'd love to send you some of our rain. I don't ever remember this many days of rain. We get sun, too, in between storms, but it makes it really hard to keep a work crew here to do anything. I think the key is to be grateful for what you get. Good to hear from you! Linda

  2. You, too? I was glad to see the rain. It rained ALL DAY and into the night! Saved me from having to get out and water plants, so it was welcome! Hope you enjoyed yourself just the same at your indoor patriotic setting!

    1. Well, Alicia.....we've had rain and rain and rain and rain. Hard to get outdoor work done! I sure am glad that you are posting again! Every post puts a smile on my face.

  3. wow! for setting whipping up a fast table because of weather dampening your plans - this looks great!!! Such a pretty table!

    1. Thank you, Ann! We just had a party with all the red/white/blue stuff out, so it wasn't too hard to lay my hands on this stuff.

  4. So pretty for the 4th! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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