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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello Hydrangeas!

I looked at my hydrangeas in the cutting garden and I knew I had to cut a big bunch to take inside.  While cutting, I decided that they were too good to keep to myself, so I offered a bite of breakfast the next morning before a couple of us took off on a short road trip.  Two girls came, and one opted to sleep in a bit.

This deck seemed like the right choice, as it is not very far to carry things back to the kitchen, and I knew we would be leaving in a hurry.

These plates are called Hailey's Sky by Nature's Home.  They lend themselves to casual, or a little bit formal.  They are not fragile or precious, but they sure are fun.

Here's the star of the show.  I love all colors of hydrangeas, but this color might just be my favorite.  I don't know what variety they are, as I transplanted them when we moved here.

These juice glasses are so old that I can't remember where they came from.

This sliver plate is quite special to me.  It was my mother's and when she went to a personal care facility and we shared her beautiful things, I chose this because it was a part of so many of our special times around her lovely table.

And these napkins were a gift from her as well.  They are so beautiful that they are actually a pleasure to iron!!!!!  I can't say that about to many things!

This was a piece we brought home from France.  It takes up less room on the table than a water pitcher.

This milk bottle came from World Market.

These bread plates came from France, too.  And the fruit knives are Delft from Holland.

Here's the back side of the bread plates.

A bit of cherry jelly for our croissants.

The baby geese were out on the lake, but I didn't catch a photo of them.

Some summers these bloom all season long, and sometimes they bloom profusely in early summer and then they are done.  That's why I grab my scissors and make sure I can enjoy them as much as possible.  My landscapers cut my hydrangeas back on the lower terrace, so they have only given us a very few blooms, but the cutting garden plants aren't so stingy!



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