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Monday, February 28, 2011

Black Forest at Scott's

Last week I posted about the fabulous tartanware I found at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.  I also
found several dealers who displayed my other obsession, black forest wood carved pieces.  Terri Lightmas is right inside the front door of the building on the left (I can never remember if that's the north or the south building) and I am always awed by her pieces.  She has a knack for beautiful display and she is delightful herself.  She also has her mother with her in the booth and they are a lovely pair. 

Birds are a familiar theme in this genre.  Look at this box.  Can you see the eggs in the nest?  Darling!

How many times have I told you that I love dogs in decor?  Well, this piece is love worthy!  The wood is beautiful and the carving is fabulous and this little guy is just precious.

You have to see this.........a pair of lamps with

the hound on one,....

and the fox on the other!!!
Love! Love! Love!

I thought these fruit garlands were really beautiful, too.  The photo is not great, but the subject is!

These aren't black forest, but she has such a wonderful collection of biscuit barrels that I had to show them to you.  These are also some of my favorite antiques to collect.

How about this beauty?  This cow embelishment on the butter dish is wonderful, as is the banding, and Terri keeps her pieces in such beautiful condition.

I am also lusting for these salts.  What character they would add to a table. 

Terri also has a space at a delightful antique co-op shop, Historic Roswell Antique Market in Roswell, Georgia, as well as Antiques and Interiors of Sandy Springs, also in Georgia. Something tells me I might be visiting her there looking for these lamps. They have been calling my name at all hours of the day and night. 

Contact info for Terri:
Terri Lightmas

This booth belongs to Beth Bain, a dealer with some great and unusual pieces.  This box is designed with the carving depicting ferns.  Very Victorian.  What skill it must take to do the carving for the wicker as well as the ferns.

Here are some more birds.  This work is just outstanding.  I so appreciate the beautiful sheen on this lovely piece of wood.

This piece shows a lot of my design favorites.  Black forest, dogs, wicker - I love it!  The wicker basket could hold so many clever things, but who needs it to function when the expression on the dog's face is so charming.  It just cracks me up.

I use a lot of these in my decor.  Photos, post cards, and needlework all look good in these frames.  For some reason, old bird prints are my favorite subject, though.

Can you guess how much I love this one?

Desk accessories are another favorite black forest item.  This nut on a leaf is an ink well.  Here it is closed,.....

and here it is opened.

Deer and stags are other common subjects.  Beth has lots of both and she's quite willing to share her knowledge. 

Doesn't every ski lodge and mountain house need some black forest bears?

And I think this guy is very distinguished.

Beth's wares are also for sale at the 14th Street Antiques Market in midtown Atlanta (530 14th St., 30318)  It is 40,000 sq. ft. of a great variety of dealers. 
Contact info for Beth:
Beth Bain

Jim Pruitt of Tusks has a lovely display of antlers and mirrors.  I have bought several pair of large antlers from him in the past, but didn't buy anything today.  He left his sweet mom in charge of the booth this day and I had a great talk with her.  Pay no attention to the lady with the camera in this mirror, just look at the delicate work on the frame. 

I think Jim's display is as good as his merchandise!

Here's a treat! A matched pair of nice sized frames.  Oh my, they were nice!

The mounting plaques on many of these are so interesting and add so much to the piece.  Notice how the quality of carving, color of the wood and subject matter change the look of the antlers so greatly.

And which do you think were my favorite?

 Contact info for Jim:
Jim Pruitt
(c) 770-968-7053

Do you have a favorite????


  1. Well, I'm definitely going to show up at your doorstep sometime and tag along. These are some of my favorite things too! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos and the links to these dealers. Those lamps would be calling out to me too! Hope they end up in your home. ~ Sarah

  2. Linda what a great post. It's fun to shop Scott's with you and to see the things you love. I think you need to get the fox and hound lamps. How cool are those? I'm loving the salts that you showed and may have to pick up a pair of those next time I'm in Atl. Keep it coming. Barb B.

  3. I love the antlers and have several. I have been getting mine on ebay from an antique dealer in Austria. I did not even see these at Scott's last month. Going back this month I hope and will look again.


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