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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breakfast in the Ya-Ya Room

When we moved to this house five years ago, I was still holding out hope for a grandaughter.  I made sure that one of our guest rooms was pink and green and I chose every item with this imaginary little girl in mind.  Well, you know what they say about God laughing at your plans?  We are the very proud grandparents of three darling little boys and NO girls!
Even so, I love this room.  It's where I let my pink flag fly!  Many of the items in it were in our former guest room that I decorated with the same little girl in mind.  It had a pink and white French toile on every wall, curtain, and all the bedding.  We called it the Ya-Ya room, and so this is the new Ya-Ya room.

This little table usually looks like this, but I thought it was just the right size for a girlie breakfast.

 The pink and white plaid taffeta skirt is topped with this beautiful embroidered organza cloth.  I bought it years ago at an antique show here in Atlanta that benefits the Cathedral of St. Philips.  It is in perfect shape and I have even washed it gently several times. (Once when a dirty diaper was laid on top!)

I was really dying to use these wonderful plates I bought at during one of their designer sales.  I got four of them.

They are made in Portugal, even though I was at first sure that they were French.  The pattern is "Pescador", which probably means fisherman. 

They really made a pretty table.

Here's an overhead view of the placesetting.

I used this pink French flatware.  It's so feminine.  I wish I had some serving pieces to go with it.

I've had these pink linen napkins and the white wicker rings so long I can't even remember where I got them.

These old etched glasses are probably one of my best ever consignment shop finds.  I got them from The Board of Trade in Roswell, Georgia.  They were even marked down since they had been there a while.  I couldn't believe they hadn't sold right away!  Don't you sometimes wish that dinnerware could tell you stories of some parties it has been to?  I bet these beauties could tell some good ones.  Can any of you tell me anything about these?

I got these depression glass tumblers at Scott's Antique Show.  I bought them off the back of a truck that was selling tools and hardware.  Who knows why they had this one set of glasses?  They must have been anxious to get rid of them, as they made me a good deal on all twelve of them.

As I have said before, I'm not much for artificial flowers, but these just send me!  They appear old and faded.  Probably the epitomy of "Shabby Chic".  The grapes are beaded a beautiful shade of green.

 They're in an ivory pot from our oldest daughter's wedding.  I have these all over our house, and there's a lot of them in the potting shed, too.  It's just the nicest size and shape for so many arrangements of flowers, fruit, pinecones, or ornaments. 

I gave some thought to using these porcelin pieces in place of the flowers.  I love the soft colors and the French peasant style.

 But guess what?  They were made in Japan!

I think the flowers were better on this table, don't you?

I'm joining Susan's Tablescape Thursday at
Be sure to visit her and check out some beautiful tables this week.


  1. I adore your YaYa room! I love pink! When my daughtr leaves home I am going to make her leave everuthing behind so I can keep it as my grandbaby girl room! Do you think I can talk her into

    The tablesetting is gorgeous! I love the perfect for the room and the flatware and glasses are just beautiful!


  2. I'll trade you! I've been waiting on a boy, but have only gotten a girl! I created a beautiful guest bedroom for her, but she is a tomboy and hates it. So...where does that leave me? :-) I don't speak French or Portuguese, but I do speak Spanish and "pescador" is Spanish for fisherman, so you're probably right. I love the whole thing! I am a pink girl through and through, and this is just beautiful!!! That pink flatware is just heavenly! Hey...I hope you have a wonderful week and that the weather clears up there soon. I know you guys have been getting hit with some really crazy stuff that you're not accustomed to. Take care!

  3. Oh, I love those plates. And, those gorgeous goblets. I've shopped at the Board of Trade in old town Roswell. It has changed locations since when I first went there. Good catch on those goblets!

  4. What pretty, festive table! Love your dishes.

  5. OH, what an ADORABLE table! I love everything about it. Where do I start??? Those plates! I adore them and the pink and the cute figurines and the pink flatware (LOVE!) and the pink and green glasses and the silks! It all works perfectly on that most adorable cloth. Loved this. It's so girly and fun! You really, REALLY have me in table lust over this. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Beautiful table...the plates are so unique. The glassware, both pieces are very pretty.

  7. This is my first visit here, and I think I'm going to love it here. As a toile lover, I was immediately drawn in by your blog name. Love that you named this girly room the YaYa room! I loved those plates when I saw them on One Kings Lane (they already had the "sold out" sign on them when I got there). Your table is so girly pretty. That overlay on top of the table is gorgeous! Love your pink flatware and that beautiful stemware. (I also love your "made in China" peasants). You are definitely a "girl after my heart"! laurie

  8. No little girls here either, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the pinks and greens. :-)
    Your table is lovely. The plates do look French, and even though the little figures were made in Japan, they were inspired by French pottery. The artist who designed these pieces is a friend. I don't have the ones you show, but I have others from the collection. Hold on to those. They are charming! ~ Sarah

  9. Very, very pretty! I love the dishes and flatware...well, all of it! :-)


  10. Such a pretty Yaya room and your table! Love the sister-in-law has the same...ever so dainty.
    Have a wonderful day.

  11. I really love this gorgeous little table!
    The pink flatware and the china and centerpiece are all amazing!
    I got a little granddaughter last October and I am so loving the girly thing!
    Thanks for sharing,

  12. Love how you designed the table setting. How fun would it be to have your girlfriends over for a YaYa lunch using the same elements. I'd love to come!
    Barb B.

  13. flowers!! love your dishes. I love the fisherman plates a lot! your table topper is another great find.

  14. What a charming pink table you've set! The plates are very pretty, but those rosy pink glasses are divine! What a terrific find! Have you tried sending a photo to They helped us identify my grandmother's (now my sister's) crystal pattern.

  15. Your creativity is second to none!!! Love your unique party ideas and the way you execute them. Can't wait to see your blog each week!!! MJ

  16. Hi Linda, Besides sharing a name :) I think we share a love of many things like PINK and TOILE and all of your gorgeous things! That is so funny that you have a pink room but all boy g-kids. Maybe this can be your own special escape room. I recently received some plates as a gift made by the same company as your fishermen dishes (post coming soon) and I am trying to read the name so I can look for some discounted. I think it might be CE Corey but not sure. Do you know? I do often wonder where my goodwill and antique store finds have been in their past lives. It would be nice to hear their stories. Love your table. Linda

  17. Linda, as the mother of two grown daughters (and a grandson!) I love your pink table! It is so soft and feminine. Your pink goblets are amazing. I've done some lucky thrifting, but YOU WIN! How many glasses did you find? I hope you'll stop by. I just posted my BEST tablescape ever!

  18. You Ya Ya room is so lovely. The Pescadore is beautiful, and the cranberry goblets compliment it perfectly. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  19. What a sweet feminine table! Love the pink flatware.

  20. I came back by to lust over your plates again. I love this tablescape pinkness. And the flatware is so cute it makes me want to squeal. LOL! But you understand. You said you did! ;-)



  21. Hi there- goodness what beautiful treasures you have! Your pink room is darling- and I love your tablescape! The plates and red goblets are just beautiful! Thanks for linking up to Feathered Nest Friday this week! :)

  22. Love the table, love the room! Maybe a little girl who loves pink and green will come to visit the Ya-Ya room soon.

  23. I have some of the Corey pieces if you'd like to add to your collection...I have the platter and 8 coffee mugs! The platter has never been used and the mugs have been used very gently with no chips. Thanks!


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