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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Timeless Garden Design

There is is!!!!  Hope!!!!

What a wonderful feeling!!!! 

When I start seeing this, my thoughts go to the garden.  You know.....the one in my head.....the one that will surpass any garden I've every planted.  Where every plant thrives, every bulb blooms, the deer don't feast, the hardscape appears with just a wish, and the temperature is always pleasant.

When I reach for this book, I'm sure I can attain that perfection.  Well, let's just say, I'm sure I can be a step closer.  THIS year, I'll be happy with my efforts. If you haven't seen this, please find a copy and take a peek.  It's published by Wyrick & Company. 

Photo from Timeless Garden Design
It is authored by Mary Palmer Dargan and Hugh Graham Dargan, both landscape architects from Atlanta.  She has spoken at my garden club and charmed us all.  A few of my friends get to live with the results of their work, and let me tell you, it is beautiful.

 They aren't promising that I can turn this......

Photo from Timeless Garden Desigtn
 into this, but their advise is so sensible and presented in such a way that you'll feel like you've attended a wonderful gardening seminar. 

Here's the premise:

Your landscape is divided into a four-part master plan.

1. The Approach and Arrival sequence creates a sense of anticipation

2.  The Hub is the property's natural center.

3.  The Perimeter consists of outdoor spaces wrapped tightly around the house.

4.  Passages to Destinations animate movement around a property and invite the enjoyment of garden places.

Photo from Timeless Garden Design 
I know....even though that is simple, it sounds technical.  Believe me, this book makes it anything but.  Usually, gardening books are either informational or beautiful.  This one is both.  It's sort of "a spoonful of sugar".

Photo from Timeless Garden Design
The approach and arrival section covers just that,  the first impressions of your house. You know how there are homes on your daily travel routes that you're dying to see?  They tease you with a sense of promise within.  So much of that is due to the placement of the house on the land and the landscaping.

Photo from Timeless Garden Design
It even addresses ways to park your car that are LEED appropriate and sensible.

Photo from Timeless Garden Design

                      An example of The Hub.

Photo from Timeless Garden Design

Photo from Timeless Garden Design
Then, under the chapters of Destinations and Passages, you'll be treated to advise and photos addressing "Getting There", and "Staying a Little Longer".

Photo from Timeless Garden Design
And who wouldn't want to stay?

Here's where this special book resides.

Right here with some of my very favorites......

in the breakfast room, where I can grab one for a quick visit while the water comes to a boil!!! 

I love my books and they are all over our house.  I can't think of a room that doesn't have books in it.  (Yes, even those little rooms.)  Even if they are used for that old decorator's trick of elevating of a lamp, they are read and re-read and memorized in some cases. I give thanks so often for my eyesight, as that sense, more than any other gives me joy and entertainment and pleasure.  I'm never disappointed by the gift of a book, and I give them often.  I hope they are appreciated as much as mine are.  


  1. Linda looks like another book I'll need to buy for inspiring garden ideas. After this weekend of more snow in Indy it seems like spring time is painfully far away. I love seeing little things creeping up in your garden though.
    Barb B.

  2. So beautiful. I am SO jealous that you are seeing green already.


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